Puppies and ping pong: Brock’s Study Night

In an attempt to combat missed deadlines and stressed out students, A-Z Learning Services hosted the third annual Night against Procrastination on November 16. The Night against Procrastination is scheduled and run by A-Z Learning Services in partnership with many different departments in the university and took place on Nov. 16. The event aims to, help students put in a large amount of effort over the course of a day or so. There are a myriad of events held during the night and it is typically aimed to be around the time most students are beginning work on their final assignments of the term.


The event, which ran for six hours hosts not only academic-based events like workshops, tutoring and other services. It also offers relaxation events like a puppy room where students c an go and interact with small dogs in order to distress, or yoga which is also run in order to allow students to simply breathe for a moment and stop stressing about their upcoming deadlines. There were also ping-pong tables set up in order to allow students to compete in a no-stakes competition in order to loosen up for the full night of work ahead.

Among the available activities, there was everything from workshops in accounting, kinesiology, nursing and other demanding courses to the basics like thesis statements and essay structures. As well, the students who were able to go were fed for the evening with soup and biscuits.

When asked why A-Z Learning Services decided to begin the event back in 2015, Allyson Miller stated that “there is a perfect storm when assignments come due at the end of the term.” Miller further stated that this is not an issue unique to those who are simply unused to the structure of a university term and that anyone taking a full course load from first year to grad studies could seriously end up being overworked due to most classes back-loading assignments to the end of the term. One student, Kevin Lamb a third-year Kinesiology student, at the event noted that he wished that some classes would be more understanding of the fact that many students have up to five or six classes, each with similar demands of time and work.

When asked why Miller thought the event was effective she replied that since there is so much work being done, and most people there are there to focus and put in some serious effort, it made it quite easier to simply put your head down and get some work done whether you need help or not. For many students Miller’s only wish is that they are able to take some pride and joy in the work they do, as she believes that can make all the difference in a student’s work ethic.

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