Inside Isaac’s Makeover


As much as Brock students would prefer to pack a lunch so they can save money, the scene at many of the food places on campus consistently look like a mall on Black Friday, particularly during lunchtime. Before the 11:00 a.m. opening of Union Station (Harvey’s, Subway, Burrito Boyz, etc) during the week, there is a crowd of students standing outside waiting for the gate to open. Guernsey Market for a majority of the day is packed, and the newly incorporated Pita Pit has grown almost too popular.

The food options at Brock don’t just stop there. Brock University Students’ Union made it a priority to enhance the student experience at their restaurant located above Union Station. Formerly known as Skybar (and forever called as such), Isaac’s Bar & Grill has changed a lot since last year.

With new chef, menu, tables, chairs (stools) and a new Heineken tap, Isaac’s Bar & Grill has become a popular hangout spot for students. BUSU has also painted the walls to add the Brock red to the restaurant, and they’ve made additions with Brock jerseys, photos of past and current athletes and other sports memorabilia relating to Brock Sports — which gives it a nice sports bar touch.

The restaurant doesn’t need much boosting because it has already become a popular spot amongst students, TAs, professors and other Brock employees. The new seating areas are comfortable, but they fill up easily, that come lunchtime it’s almost impossible to find a spot to sit.


From my experience of eating at Isaac’s, some students hang around the restaurant to do school work. Which I think is fair if the student(s) have a drink (not water) or food with them. However, at times there are students using the space to study, taking up a huge table that could be used for someone that wants to have lunch. Considering how busy the place can get, it might be time for BUSU to create a rule that a customer must have at least a beverage to hold up a spot: if not, ask the person to leave.

The bigger tables at Isaac’s are limited, so if you come with a group of people, chances are one of the four tables will be filled. The smaller high-top tables that come with stools as seats, are too small to enjoy a meal with more than two people, but a perfect place if you just want a drink.

In terms of the new menu, Isaac’s is a good place to grab a snack because starters range from $7-$8. Just like every restaurant, there’s the healthy option of a salad— I’m not a healthy person so I can’t critique it, but I’m assuming the lettuce and veggies taste like lettuce and veggies.

Mains range from a variety of burgers, wraps and sandwiches, and there are also pizza and nachos. All the mains cost more than $10, so if that exceeds your price range you might choose to stick with Union Station or other Brock options.

Before writing this review of Isaac’s, I decided I would enjoy the restaurant a couple times. I’ve concluded that not all the food is for everyone, but you can certainly find something that suits you. The variety on the menu is a nice new touch to Isaac’s. However, if you go once and the food isn’t up to your standards, don’t give up. Personally, I’m not a fan of the burgers, because the buns fall apart easily. I found that my taste buds enjoyed the philly cheese steak or the fried buffalo chicken caesar wrap.

If you haven’t tried Isaac’s Bar & Grill, I recommend it. It’s a good place on campus to get away from fast food. Probably not a good place to eat everyday if your pockets are tight, but it can always be a place to get a quick drink after class.

You will always get great service from the bartenders, but your food could be delayed. It could be due to how busy it is, but I’ve had times where the food has come reasonably fast, but also other times I’ve really had to be patient.

Hopefully BUSU finds a way to add additional seating, because twice out of four times I was not able to find suitable seats for myself and a group of friends. Otherwise, the new menu, paint job and sports bar feel, has really made Isaac’s (Skybar) a go-to place for students.

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