How early is too early for Christmas?



I think now that Remembrance Day is passed, it’s fine that people start to celebrate the holidays. It’s inappropriate to start hanging Christmas lights or play Christmas music before November 11th has passed, in my opinion. On Remembrance Day, I spent part of my afternoon studying and writing at Starbucks. I was happy to see most people were wearing their poppies, as was I, but I wasn’t too pleased about the fact they were playing ‘Felice Navidad’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ to the customers on what is supposed to be a sombre day of remembrance and respect for the veterans of the two World Wars. But now that it’s passed – go nuts. I’m not a grump – I love Christmas and everything associated with it. Some people may think it’s materialistic, but I have always found holiday shopping to be exciting, and Christmas movies and getting the family together are always great.



In my opinion, it’s never too early to listen to some Christmas music. Putting up decorations and lights outside the house? Yeah, I say you have to wait until mid-November. There’s no denying that the holidays — specifically the winter holidays — bring people together and for most of us, makes us happier. The joy of Christmas music is something that doesn’t need to be saved for just the month of December.



Growing up, Christmas always started shortly after Halloween. My mom loves Christmas, so the decorations in my house were always up by mid-November. However, I think any time in November is too soon to turn on the Christmas lights. I know a lot of people argue that it isn’t Christmas season until after American Thanksgiving, but Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October. However, while it’s okay to decorate and get ready, don’t put your lights on yet. While I’ve been driving around I’ve seen a few houses that had their lights on at night already, and it seems way too early. Wait until December for that, but if you want to decorate the inside of your house then I’m all for it.


Christmas is fine being celebrated as early as anyone wants it to. Christmas is regarded primarily as a season now but it is a season of charity, good will and philanthropy. I don’t find it different than the craze around the fall season with Pumpkin Spice Latte. The Christmas case is simply a newfound thing for people to be outraged. Let them be jolly, I say.



In Toronto, I have always understood that Christmas season officially starts the day of the Santa Claus parade, which is the third Sunday of November. This usually coincides with American Thanksgiving, which is followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As someone who loves their sales and bargains, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to start and finish my holiday shopping all at once. I try to completely avoid all commercial centres once the final month on the calendar begins, but every year, I always seem to forget that one gift that is now either sold out or beyond my budget. In the future, I want to try and move away from material gifts that have no sentimental value, so that way my presents can be planned out from way in advance.



It’s officially okay to start decorating for Christmas. Once we’ve paid proper respect to Canada’s veterans on Remembrance Day, I think it’s just fine to being putting up the Christmas lights. It’s probably best to get them up before the snow really starts anyway. I also think it’s okay to get started putting up your tree, and pulling that Christmas village out of the box. It’s also a really good idea to get started on Christmas cards before Canada Post gets too busy to get them out before the actual holiday. However, Christmas music is another story. I don’t want to hear a single Christmas song until December. It’s not even winter yet, so I don’t really want to hear about “Frosty the Snowman”, or “Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland.” The earlier you start playing them, the sooner you’ll get sick of them and you’ll want to smash the radio long before Christmas actually arrives.



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