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We’ve been seeing each other for over six months but he doesn’t want to make it official. Am I wasting my time?
- From: Lost in a hopeless place

He says:

“Dear Lost in a hopeless place,
No you aren’t wasting your time. As long as he’s loyal and treats you right, you don’t need to make it official. Do your family and friends know about him? And vice-versa? If so, you are unofficially official. You aren’t lost in a hopeless place, you are just living in 2017.

Labels are trash”


She says:

“Dear Lost in a hopeless place,
It isn’t necessarily a waste of time if you have genuine feelings for one another. However, part of having an adult relationship is understanding the importance of communication. He might not be ready for an official title at the moment, but you should at least have the conversation of what you both want out of this relationship and where you see it going, so that you don’t end up wasting time in the long run.

Talk about it”

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