Editorial: The Brock Press readership survey


As a Brock University student, you have the ability and the right to hold every club, group or organization accountable for its actions. Also, as a Brock University student, you deserve to receive the best service from these clubs, groups or organizations. In light of this, The Brock Press is looking to you, the students, to provide us with information pertaining to our publication. Early last week we sent out a survey through our social media accounts and walked the halls in an effort to obtain important information about the paper. Filling out the survey also enters you in a draw to potentially win one of two $100 gift cards to the campus store!

Do you read your campus newspaper? If you do, what do you like, and what can we do to improve your experience? The Brock Press is a student publication run-by students for students and we want to hear from you! Let together hold Brock and its executives accountable because that’s the role of a student-run publication!

The Brock Press has been part of the university since 1964, and we strive to continue to provide for the students of Brock University for the foreseeable future. As a school, Brock University aims to educate their students not just for a degree, but to learn valuable life lessons. One of those lessons is to always be improving yourself, and this is what The Brock Press aims to accomplish with this survey. Not only for our current readers, as well as future readers, but to continue to be a resource and job opportunity for aspiring writers and journalists. This is especially important, as Brock University currently does not have a journalism program.

It is The Brock Press’ mission to provide all students up-to-date, unbiased news about the university, the local community and any other topic that is important to our students. As an independent publication, we aren’t limited to what we can cover, provided the information provided is correct, current and entertaining, which is what we strive to do weekly.

As Editor-in-Chief, each week I work with our staff to publish the finest content, and from time-to-time, we, as a publication that caters to an ever growing and changing audience, need to touch base to determine if we are meeting our goals of providing interesting and entertaining content to the students at Brock University and the community at large. Ultimately, the main goal for this survey is for our readers to have their voices heard.

I think I speak for the entire staff here at The Brock Press when I say, please take the time to go online and fill out the survey. Once the survey has ended, the data will be analyzed and discussed amongst our staff. This information will be used to help educate us about what you like, what you  dislike and what you want changed. Post-survey, we will continue to work hard by creating the best content we can and using the information you have provided to improve on our current newspaper. Please take the time to fill out our survey, or talk to one of our staff if you happen to see them in the halls. If you wish to provide additional feedback or ask a question that wasn’t initially addressed, please email myself at editor@brockpress.com. The Brock Press readership survey will improve your student publication, but that can only happen if you provide us feedback.

The Brock Press survey can be found at https://s.surveyplanet.com/BJDSnxqRW and will be open for at least two more weeks. We ask that Brock students, employees and the community take a few moments to fill it out the survey as every reader of The Brock Press matters to us.

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