Brock professor elected to chair CSEP


The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) has elected Dr. Nota Klentrou, Associate Dean of Applied Health Sciences at Brock, as its next Chair of the Board of Directors.

CSEP is an organization of professionals involved in the study of exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, fitness and health. The organization represents over 5,000 Canadian scientists, academics and practitioners in the field. Dr. Klentrou’s particular area of expertise lies in exercise intervention and sport training, especially among young people (children and youth). Her recent research has explored how musculoskeletal growth is affected by a number of other factors, including  sexual maturation, inflammation, activity, adiposity and nutrition.

CSEP was founded in 1967, and is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. In those last 50 years, the organization has come to be recognized as a leading face of exercise and fitness in Canada, and in turn has helped Canada to become a leading country in these same areas. CSEP is known for translating exercise research into practical application.

“Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines developed by CSEP has placed Canada in a leading position within the scientific community, and strengthened physical activity’s role in health and disease. These guidelines are used in many countries and Canadian exercise scientists are prominent worldwide,” said Klentrou in an interview with The Brock News.

In her acceptance of the position at CSEP’s annual conference, this year held in Winnipeg, Klentrou said that she looked forward to leading the organization into the next 50 years.

Klentrou is the fourth woman to ever chair CSEP.

“With the closing of CSEP’s first 50 years, having a woman leading CSEP into the next era is important, ” said Klentrou.“It is a symbolic new beginning, where women are no longer in the back seat fighting for their place in science, but are slowly moving to the front seat, leading amongst equals.”

Indeed, a reflection by long-time member of CSEP Roy Shephard, who was president of the organization 1970-1971, names 11 key researchers in the field of exercise physiology, all of whom are male. Klentrou hopes that her time as chair of the organization will be a pivotal moment for CSEP in terms of gender equality in research and leadership.

Klentrou also served as treasurer of the Society from 2003-2013. While she is the first Brock University professor to chair the organization, 15 CSEP members are from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock. One of them, Dr. Mike Plyley, holds a position with CSEP as an Academic Director.

Next year, CSEP’s annual conference will be hosted at Brock University. It will take place from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3, 2018 in Niagara Falls. Hosting the conference is part of Brock’s commitment to exercise science. The conference will focus on the theme “Health in Motion, Science in Exercise.” It is expected to draw hundreds of attendees from across the country, including distinguished scholars and graduate students. The 2003 conference was also hosted by Brock.

Klentrou will chair the organization for two years.

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