Brock alumnus donates new co-op interview room

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Doug Wilkinson a senior partner at Deloitte made a personal donation to Brock University for a sum of $250,000 to name a 45-seat classroom in the $22-million Goodman expansion project. Just about any student currently attending Brock currently is aware of the massive construction project in order to expand the Goodman School of Business. The project has been undergone in order to ensure that Brock’s business program is as state-of-the-art as possible with every advantage being offered to the business students attending.

Deloitte, the firm Wilkinson has worked at for nearly 30 years, is referred to as one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and is the largest professional service network in the world, both by revenue and number of professionals. Deloitte employees 263,900 people in the world and its annual income is listed for this year as $38.8 billion.

Wilkinson stated that Deloitte has always benefited from the fine graduates of the Goodman School’s business program and as such he wanted to give back to the program and help ensure that students there have the best technology money can buy.

Brock President Gervan Fearon said in a Brock University press release Deloitte’s gift “demonstrates how partnerships and twin support can advance post-secondary education and talent development in the Niagara region.”

“Through Deloitte’s leadership, support and generosity, our students will have access to a state-of-the-art learning environment where our faculty will prepare them for their future careers,” Fearon said. “The University is committed to providing Goodman School of Business students with the resources to gain confidence, build leadership skills and make an impact using hands-on learning opportunities.”

For Wilkinson, Brock succeeding is a personal matter. His career at Deloitte began as a part of the co-op program while he was a student at Brock 30 years ago. Wilkinson told The Brock Press that the Associate Professor at the time, Allister Young, and he have kept in touch over the years. He pointed out that Young gave him his first real break by sending him to a co-op at Deloitte.

This relates to the room Wilkinson has purchased for Brock. It will be a new co-op interview room and will be named in Wilkinson’s honour. He stated that it was his every intention to purchase a room that would help students who were not unlike himself when he was in the business program at Brock. Seeing as he considers his Brock co-op placement to be the single event that started his illustrious career at Deloitte it isn’t hard to see why that is the program he wishes to spur forward.

Wilkinson received the Goodman School of Business Distinguished Graduate Award in 2002 for his exceptional performance while working for Deloitte and his willingness to give back to society. He also received the Alumni of Distinction Award for similar reasons in 2007.

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