BEASA brings the best of Brock


Brock East African Student Association (BEASA) hosted their Open Mic night this weekend, and if you weren’t there you missed a treat. The night was a showcase of talent and  what BEASA has to offer to not only the Brock community, but the City of St. Catharines.

BEASA is an organization to unite East African students and introduce their cultures to non-East Africans members. The aims and objectives of this club is to spark discussions to students to promote critical thinking by creating an environment where members meet. BEASA is also dedicated to raise awareness by starting fundraisers to underprivileged communities in East Africa.

This year’s 2017—2018 president Azuhura Msofe and the executive team at BEASA have been working hard to heighten awareness in and off campus. The Open Mic night was held at Plan B downtown St. Catharines. The relaxed, intimate and cozy setting framed the entire night. The weather did not deter patrons, as an empty seat was hard to find on Saturday night.

The first performance of the night was by a talented singer—songwriter and guitarist, Amanda Parker. She graced the floor with her renditions of three of her own compositions. Her voice filled the room and her pop folk style genre of music set the tone for the night. Her lyrics were equally thought proving as they were emotionally ripping. Touching on issues of love and individuality, the versatility of her voice and craft were truly showcased in her songs. The night was as ‘educational’ as it was entertaining. BEASA did an interactive trivia with members of the audience in between performers. The winners all received a round of drinks courtesy of BEASA. This fueled the competitive energy in the room and while comedic, it fulfilled BEASA’s vision of expanding the consciousness of students about East Africa and their culture.

Spoken word artist, Tegh took to the stage, her craft addressed issues of racism, sexism and sexual and emotional abuse. Her compelling performance raised not only mindfulness but a few goosebumps as well. Accolades must be given to her talent and strength to bring these issues forward through her craft.

20 year old Malawian/ Kenyan artist, Harawa performed three of his original compositions. One word, amazing. To compare his vibe, sound and style I would argue it resembles that of Bryson Tiller. “All those days in hell you can’t see you’re heaven sent,” was just one of his many lines that stood out as lyrically brilliant..

Final performances included a dance piece from, Koffi and an impromptu performance by the founder of BEASA, Sarah. The showcase on Saturday was a testament of what talent, diversity and skill can be found at Brock. As Brock students, we belong to a community and our support and patronization of not only the events but student talent itself is what makes a difference. BEASA is an energetic group of young, upwardly adults.

Keep an eye on their social media handles @BEASA for more information on future events.

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