What’s your biggest fear?


Elizabeth – Thalassophobia

One of my earliest memories as a child was sitting in my living room and watching Jaws with my siblings. While I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch Jaws in the first place, the fear of deep water and what could be underneath has persisted ever since.

I’ve got what is called ‘Thalassophobia’, or fear of bodies of water. While I do enjoy swimming, I often have to psyche myself up before getting into dark water. Usually, I’ll only stay in darker water if there are two or three other people with me – even then, I can only last so long before I have to get out.

Honestly, even pictures of dark bodies of water like the Mariana Trench give me anxiety.


Serena- Phocidaphobia

I have a fear of seals, and before you think that’s weird and I’m probably crazy, let me explain. My parents took me to a zoo when I was three years old. I had a grand old time riding in the stroller and checking out the giraffes and elephants. Then we got to the aquarium. My mom pushed me right up to the glass so I could get a good look at the seals. Well, one of them was blind. It couldn’t see the glass, and so I thought it was super cool that it was swimming straight towards me until it didn’t slow down. That thing crashed into the glass right in front of my face; the only thing between my nose and it’s nose was a few inches of glass. It gave me a good scare, and I cried for the rest of the zoo trip. Needless to say, to this day I skip the seal tank when I visit an aquarium.



Fears are, well, better if left ignored for the majority of days, because if you dwell on your fears, doesn’t it just make it worse? That said, I’ll share with you my biggest fear, and then I will promptly ignore that fear for the next little while. One of my biggest fears is tornadoes — because here’s the thing — you can know what you’re supposed to do to take shelter during a tornado, you can have weather apps to tell you when a tornado is coming. But, once that tornado hits, there’s nothing you can do but hope for the best. Now, this fear may seem irrational given that we live in Ontario and we don’t really have tornadoes, but having lived in the midwestern United States for almost ten years, the fear is totally justified.


Sam- Arachnophobia

Big, little, fat, skinny, no matter the size these creepy crawlies give me an uneasy feeling inside. Although many people are put off of spiders just based on the creepy look, with eight long legs, a big body and fangs, the web they make is particularly terrifying for me. Not only does the sticky thread they use to make webs trap prey, but also keep you on your toes when walking. That fear of walking through a web and wondering if the spider who made the trap is on you or just its web is one of the worst feelings ever. However, this fear did not solely develop due to the look or the web. This fear developed at a young age when my brother jokingly flicked one onto my bed where it was never seen again. Needless to say, this Halloween I’ll be avoiding spiders.



Not necessarily something that spooks you or hides in the dark, but something equally as scary. The fear of failure is something many people face, and at times can stop them from pursuing their passion. It’s something that almost everyone experiences at one point or another, and something that you might be experiencing right now. For me, I first noticed this fear when I was 16 and getting my driver’s license. After waiting months to book my test, I was finally talked into it by my parents, but even then I didn’t want to tell anybody at school in case I had to retake the test.


Dylan- The Burger king, king

The Burger King King. Whether it is his steely gaze, his chiseled features, or his impassioned eyebrows but he is the face of my nightmares and the gaze in every shadow. The Burger King King knows fear, he can sense it. While you peer into the shadows to attempt to ascertain his position, the only thing you see is the perpetual gleam of reflected light of his plastic forehead. His eyes are understanding, like the grim reaper’s only more focused, he is an unmovable and unshakable force of nature. The Burger King King’s domain is only over those who show him fear, or those who buy a Big Mac. Good luck.

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