Visual Arts Exhibition space houses first exhibition of the year

Brock boasts a multitude of talent among its students, and we try to show off our student’s achievements as much as possible. One way that visual arts students display their work is through student art exhibits. The first student art exhibit of the season at Marilyn I. Walker opened last week. Lisette Costanzo’s exhibition La Magaria is on display from October 11 to Oct. 31 in the Visual Arts Exhibition Space.

Mariyln art gallery

Costanzo is studying Italian and Visual Arts, and she is in her final year at Brock. Her talent is apparent in her art, and her exhibit is a great way to kick off the year for visual arts displays. La Magaria, Italian for “witchcraft,” explores themes of spirituality, nature, physicality, and the metaphysical. The series includes drawings, paintings and installations. She drew on her own spiritual practices in the pieces, and created them with the goals of bringing together physical and metaphysical aspects and bridging the gap between physicality and spirituality.

Most pieces in La Magaria feature a black ball, known as an Obsidian Ball, which represents the balance of otherworldly powers. Obsidian is also believed to be an element that reveals deep truths and separates them from lies or illusions. Additionally, Obsidian is thought to draw in negative energies, thus protecting those around it from these energies.

Costanzo has studied the metaphysical for almost 20 years. She is an intuitive artists who draws on her own inner thoughts, feelings, understandings and emotions. She is also a reiki master. Reiki is a massage technique that originated in Japan. Through laying of hands and interaction of energies within the body and between bodies, the reiki master helps to heal and restore balance to a person’s physical or emotional state. Costanzo’s intuition, understanding of, and experience with the metaphysical clearly shines through in her pieces from La Magaria.

Costanzo has been working on the series for about eight months, guided by Dr. Amy Friend and Dr. Murray Kropf.

Costanza has designed the space to mimic The Temple of the Oracle of Delphi, complete with temple pillars that she built for the space. A sign at the entrance to the exhibit reads “Temet Nosce,” a latin phrase which translates to “Know thyself.” At Delphi was a sanctuary in which resided an oracle whom Apollo, god of the sun, of music, and of healing and medicine, spoke through. The city of Delphi was the centre of the Hellenistic universe, thought by ancient Greeks to be the navel of Gaia, a personification of earth and believed to be the ancestral mother of all life; in other words, she was the Earth Goddess. Costanzo explained that La Magaria observes and displays the Gaia, or “Divine Feminine” inside each individual.

Having the chance to display their art is incredibly important for any artist. Their art needs to be shown in order to be recognized, and, perhaps more importantly, for their name to be recognized. “Exhibitions such as La Magaria provide an opportunity for a graduating student to create, curate and present a comprehensive representation of their creative research at this pivotal moment in their learning as they move from undergraduate studies to graduate research, professional studio-based practice or other long-term career trajectories,” said David Vivian (Director of the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts) in an interview with The Brock News.

La Magaria is on display in the Visual Arts Exhibition space at MIWSFPA until the end of the month. Regular viewing hours are held Tuesday-Saturday from 1:00-5:00 pm. The exhibit is free to visit and is an excellent display of some of the talent housed and fostered at Brock. There will be a closing ceremony for the exhibit during the evening of Tuesday, October 31.

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