Sparks fly at GoLive’s open mic night


It should come as no surprise that Brock’s hallways are filled with talented musicians and artists of all varieties. But where on campus do you go if you want to share your craft with a crowd? The GoLive group was founded by three students who wanted to provide spaces for exactly that. On Wednesday October 18, they hosted one of their many Open Mic Nights at Isaac’s Bar and Grill, with proceeds being donated to relief funds for Hurricane Irma victims.

The evening was full of the usual menagerie of open mic acts. Heartfelt singer/songwriters, expressive covers, and a variety of individual performances, from poetry to the violin. Standouts included Mitchell McCurdy, whose original song ‘Ballad of the Vampires’ was a moving tribute to his friends. Singer Ash McEachem was also a standout, who, assisted by percussion and guitar from GoLive members, brought new life to Vance Joy’s song ‘Riptide’. There was also moving poetry from the likes of Claire Gittings and Hannah Monroe. The entire evening was alive with the creativity and passion of Brock students, and that’s exactly what GoLive had intended from the beginning, according to founding member Kirk Danuco.

‘Brock has a lot of musicians that want to play music recreationally but can’t find any outlets on campus. We [Kirk, Vanessa Carvid and Wasim Demachkie] created this to allow students to find their voice through music and tap into the hidden talents that Brock has to offer.’

There are a number of ways in which GoLive is providing this. Aside from regular open mic nights (the next being in mid-November), a couple of concerts are being planned for next semester at Warehouse, and they host regular, informal jam sessions on the weekends at Rysons (depending on exam schedules). Their Facebook page often live streams the events, and also has a Feature Fridays segment, which highlights covers created by Brock Students.

It’s not just exposure that GoLive offers: Kirk explains why he feels this service is so important.‘ It’s an expression of self and I personally believe that as you share your passion and art, you’re sharing who you are with others and that’s super empowering. GoLive is meant to give people a safe environment to grow. I love seeing people grow and helping them through their journey.’

GoLive are hoping to host more events around the campus and downtown area, and they are always looking for more acts to showcase. If you have any suggestions or ideas, or would like to help out with the running of the group. They can be contacted at their Facebook page.

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