Second transit referendum passes

St. Catharines buses coming and going at Brock / Satbir Singh

St. Catharines buses coming and going at Brock / Satbir Singh

Brock University Students’ Administrative Council chose to have a second transit referendum following the failure last February during the executive election.

This time around 81.1 per cent of students voted ‘yes’ to allow an increase in the student fee. This will allow the U-Pass program at Brock University to continue and bring back bus routes that had been removed for this year.

Student’s were asked, via their Brock email, if they support a $34.67 increase to the bus pass fee, which would increase the cost from $212.33 to $247.

Last year, 51 per cent of students voted ‘no’ to the referendum, in a voting period that saw a record-breaking 32 per cent of the student body vote. Last year students were asked if they agreed to increase $202 to $240.

The referendum only allowed undergraduate students to vote as Brock University Students’ Union only represents undergraduate students.

For more on the transit referendum, pick up the October 31 copy of The Brock Press, available across Brock’s main campus.

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