RBC recognizes Brock Co-Op student

Chris Jitla a fourth-year Business Administration student in Brock’s Goodman School of Business, has brought home an award. In his fourth-year of his Bachelor of Business Administration in Brock’s Goodman School of Business . Jitla was recently named the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Student of the Term for his excellence in his Co-Op term, through commitment, hard work, and striving to be a part of his team. The award which is managed by the RBC Program Management Centre of Excellence began being awarded in 2015.


RBC takes approximately 1,200 students per year to participate in these various co-op positions. Out of these 1,200 students the list was narrowed further down to 103 nominees, of which Jitla was selected. Jitla’s nominator had nothing but compliments when asked about his co-op student.

The award is supposed to act as a mark of excellence, allowing other business’ to note the hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence that a student shows while working through their co-op term. This is a distinct honour and will surely help with anyone winner’s chances of entering into the workforce successfully.

“I can’t say enough about this ambitious, professional young man. Jitla truly has been a welcomed addition to our team and has provided myself with a level of support that I would never have thought possible from a co-op student.” Jilta’s nominator said. “His capacity to understand, question and execute is far beyond the level I anticipated.”

Jitla reminisced on advice his mentor had given him at the beginning of his term with RBC.

“He told me to contribute to the role as a full-time member would,” Jitla said. “That meant taking on a lot of responsibilities. Some students just do what they are told, but I wanted to become an actual member of the team.”

The effect has not only been felt from Jitla who reports that the success and the feeling of accomplishments have, happily, still not worn off of him. But he is also an inspiration to the Brock Co-op program and those in it, says Julia Zhu, the Associate Director in Co-Op Education.

“[Jitla] accomplishment, winning the RBC Student of the Term award, serves as an inspiration for the entire Brock community,” said Zhu. “The superb effort he put forth in his work term has enhanced the profile of our Co-op Education brand, provided inspiration for other co-op students and helped him to hit the ground running in his career.”

As such, all of Brock can happily say they are ecstatic for Jitla’s accomplishments. He was very humble when speaking on his receiving of the award and the work her put into the term. Stating that each and every nominee put in a similar amount of effort to develop strong work ethic and skills that will help them once their careers begin to take off.

Jitla also appreciates the opportunity that the Co-Op program gave him and suggested it to any students who were thinking of taking the journey into finances. He expressed that it was a must insofar as the experience it rewarded students with and the opportunity to network while working for a company like RBC.

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