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The middle of the semester can be tough. Midterms are in full swing, reading week is over and the excitement of coming back to school has passed. Between studying for midterms and working on assignments, many students have a tough time finding both the time and energy to go to the gym. Students can sometimes push their physical health to the bottom of their priority list until school is a bit less stressful, but this doesn’t need to be the case — it’s possible to study and stay on top of your workout routine at the same time. Here are a few ways that you can still get your workout in, all without having to leave your room.

  1. Plank

-Lay down on the floor, supporting yourself on your toes and forearms. Keep your arms bent at a 90 degree angle right below your shoulders.

-Keep your body straight, and hold this position for as long as possible.

-For variations, you can try raising an arm or leg and holding that position.

  1. Push Ups

-Lay down on the floor facing down, place your hands approximately shoulder width apart to support your weight.

-Lower yourself down to the floor, until your chest almost touches. Again, your arms should be at about a 90 degree angle.

-Push your body back up to your starting position, contracting your chest at the top position.

-For a variation, you can do incline or decline push ups. For incline, place your hands on a raised surface while performing the exercise. If you’re just starting, you could even do push ups standing up and placing your hands on a wall to perform the exercise. For decline, have your feet on a raised surface, like your bed or a chair, and place your hands on the ground.

  1. Body-weight Lunges

-Stand straight up with your feet hip-width apart and hands on your hips.

-Take a step forward with one foot, dropping down to a point in which your rear knee is close to the floor but not touching it, maintaining your body’s upright posture. Your front knee should bend about 90 degrees, but to make sure you aren’t hurting your knee and make sure it never goes forward past your toes. If it does, just take a slightly longer step.

-From the bottom position, push up from your front foot, getting back into your starting position.

-Repeat these steps with the opposite leg, for however many repetitions you can do.

  1. Sit Ups

-Lay down on the floor, placing your feet under something that will keep them in place.

-Place your hands behind your head, and hold them in place by locking your fingers together. This is the starting position.

-Keeping your knees bent and feet in place, raise your upper body, making a V-shape with that and your thighs.

-Contract your abdominal muscles in this position for a second, before lowering yourself back to the starting position.

-The are a lot of variations you can experiment with for sit ups. In some, you can twist to the left or right, touching your elbow to the opposite knee at the top position. You could also make it more difficult by holding weight to your chest while doing the exercise.

While these exercises are just some of the basics, it shows that you don’t need a gym to stay or get in shape. You can workout in the comfort of your own room, without having to take a lot of time away from studying and school. Midterms are stressful, but taking a 30-minute break to workout can have your mind and body feeling better afterwards, giving you the energy you need to cram for that midterm the next day.

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