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In today’s entertainment industry we can all find ourselves overwhelmed with options. However underground artists can be just as talented as those we find on the mainstream airwaves. This new weekly column will serve to bring you some of our finds that well, you ought to know.

Our first of installment is ‘Kalpee’ born and raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago this pop artist is just 23 years-old can boast to have over four million views and counting on YouTube for his single “No One” from the album sharing the same name

His style differs from what we normally see coming out of the islands (reggae, dancehall, soca) and is quite refreshing to say the least. “No One” is a upbeat love song that speaks to the honeymoon phase in relationships. But whether or not you’re in love you would be sure to enjoy his renditions as they are catchy as they are lyrically clever.

In an interview with The  Trinidad Express Kalpee shares the news of his global distribution deal with Sony Music. “It’s exciting having a global distribution deal with Sony Music because it gives my team a better chance of being heard all over the globe. [However] I can’t only speak for myself when talking about the success of ‘No One’, because as far as accomplishments go, this will be in the top three for both myself and Tano,” a gracious Kalpee told the Express. He went further to say, “A lot of energy was put into this song and that is because we believed that we had a product that was more refined and sonically ready to put out there into the world.”

Another one of his popular tracks, ‘What about us” takes the course of a melancholic ballad, which will tug on your heartstrings but the up tempo undulating beat will prevent the tears from falling.

To wrap Christian Kalpee in a bow would be to say his sound is soulful, beyond his years and holds promise for success in his musical endeavours. Be sure to check out his iTunes, SoundCloud and social media handles @KalpeeOfficial for more to come!


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