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Let’s face it, student government isn’t exactly the most provocative topic. The idea is often conflated with media representations of high school students wearing blazers having little-to-no actual say in how their schools run, or better yet, actual high school student councils that run like popularity contests with positions that have little-to-no say in how the school actually runs. It can be difficult to get engaged in school politics when it feels like the whole thing is just a glorified formality.

But the fiction very rarely meets the truth, and in the case of Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC), the proof is in the pudding.

BUSAC, a student-based, elected administrative branch of Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), deals with a whole variety of issues and subjects that impact students. From club expenditures to referendums, elections to bylaws, BUSAC has a hand in just about everything that affects students at the BUSU level. This includes students’ access to programs like The Student Life fee, which allows students free access to Brock’s gym throughout the school year, as well as Student Health Services and free admission to Brock athletics home games, the Dental Plan, and even hot-button topics like the Universal Bus Pass (U-pass).

If that wasn’t enough, BUSAC also has its own internal committees: The Clubs Policy Committee, Environmental Committee, Externals Affairs Committee, Election and Referendum Committee and the Internal Affairs committee, among others.

To accomplish all these things and more, BUSAC operates through having voting members from different faculties across campus. Additionally, there is a Hamilton Campus representative, a Board of Directors representative, as well as the BSA president and an ISA representative. There are also many At Large Representatives within the BUSAC committees as well. At Large Representatives are unelected positions within BUSAC that help further making sure all students have a represented voice within decision making.

At its very core, BUSAC exists to ensure  that student voices are not only heard, but taken into account when decisions are being made. This is extremely important for students who want to have a say in the changes that happen on campus, changes that impact the everyday lives of students across Brock University. BUSAC creates opportunities to help further the quality and experience that students have throughout their time at Brock.

If you would like to get involved with BUSAC, you can email either Ehima Osazuwa, the Director of Government Operations, or BUSU speaker Iain Beaumont. Meetings are also held biweekly throughout the fall and winter terms that are open to the public (what time, what place?). BrockTV also has a livestream of the meetings as well if you can’t attend the meeting in person. The next meeting will take place…


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