Why we choose to work for The Brock Press

Dylan Bye: News Editor

I decided to join The Brock Press on the snow day of last year. I had always wanted to join, but I wasn’t really aware of any way to get into the group, or when applications were being held. I decided to submit my application, because I thought: maybe. I wanted the experience and the ability to coordinate what students would be reading about from week to week. As it turned out that opportunity paid off, I am now able to strive towards a news section that both relates to Brock students and allows for them to stay informed on both local and worldly issues. While there are many challenges that present themselves with leading a team, finding relevant stories, and accurately representing all sides of an argument it is a journey I feel privileged to be on.


Isabelle Cropper: Sports & Health Editor

I chose to work at The Brock Press because I thought it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. There are so many great initiatives going on within Brock Sports, the involvement from students at athletic events is on the rise, and it’s exciting to be able to cover all of that. It means a lot to be in a position where we have to do right by all of our peers in reporting on what needs to be heard and talked about in order to grow our community and to drive change. I’m looking forward to covering all of our sports teams and clubs, and am hoping that our non-Brock community members will read about them and want to come see our teams play and experience Brock Sports.


Sophie Hassanali: Arts & Culture Editor

Being a part of The Brock Press to me meant a chance for experiential learning. As a Media and Communications student and getting the opportunity to not only apply, but expand the skills learnt in class and practically utilize it is very rewarding. The Brock Press is a great outlet to embrace your passions, challenge your boundaries and strengthen your weaknesses. The team here is always ready and willing to offer moral support, constructive criticism and a good laugh if needed. My decision to become a part of the team came from wanting to be involved on campus in a meaningful way, making a real (and literal contribution) to my fellow Badgers.


Chloe Charbonneau: Chief Photographer

I am very excited to start my second year with The Brock Press team. As the Chief Photographer, I am very engaged in the Brock community. Through my involvement with The Brock Press I get to further experience the community, not only at Brock, but in entire city. It allows me to not only experience community events, but be able to bring them to readers. Working for the paper fosters a natural relationship with community members, clubs, organizers, and faculties. I learned a lot last year about the community surrounding the university, and I hope to continue doing so this year.


Quinton Ascah: Assistant News Editor

To me, The Brock Press represents independence. We are the only student-run, newspaper on campus, and as such, we have a duty to inform the student body about the issues affecting them. I joined The Brock Press because I want to play a part in informing and engaging the student body at Brock, and building upon my skills as a writer. I hope to conduct in-depth interviews and hold power accountable during my time at the Press.


Serena Hosmar: Assistant News Editor

I joined The Brock Press because I wanted to be a part of a team whose work mattered to the Brock community. I wanted my work to be relevant and interesting, and I wanted to work as a part of a team who shared these values. I also wanted to get writing and editing experience, and The Brock Press was a great place for me to learn and practice these skills that can be valuable in a variety of workplaces. The Brock Press is important because we are a student-run newspaper that promises to make relevant news accessible to Brock students. We are by the students, for the students, which means that we write from the same perspective as our audience.


Joanna Ward: Managing Editor

I first joined The Brock Press last year because I didn’t know anybody on campus. As an older student and a transfer student from college, I didn’t really get the same frosh experience that a lot of incoming Brock students get. I just sort of showed up and started going to class. It was a bit lonely and I was disheartened with my university experience. I almost left school entirely. I decided to give it another go and saw that the school newspaper was hiring for editing jobs, something I was sure I would be okay at as an English Literature major. Fast forward to a year later and though my educational direction has changed, I’ve made a ton of friends on campus, improved my writing skills, and got a great job in the process.


Cameron Tyson: Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

As a writer and a passionate consumer of popular culture, the opportunity to join The Brock Press team was one I simply couldn’t refuse. I have always been keen to analyze and discuss the mountain of media we all have access to, and my work for the Arts and Culture section allows me to open that discussion up to the whole Brock community. Film reviews and think pieces about your favorite TV show are the new English literature; thousands of people could be watching the same film as you, but no two will really see the same thing.


John Gobins: Assistant Sports & Health Editor

Coming straight out of high school into my first year on campus in the Sport Management program, I was looking for opportunities to augment my freshman experience. There could not have been a better opportunity than The Brock Press. Not only can I flash my Badger pride by being able to shine a light on the less-covered sports teams on campus, I can also join the greatest fans in Canada in the actual moment, and try my best to deliver that passion to the readers. This year, I hope to be able to improve my personal writing skills and also get more students interested in all the different athletic programs that are run at Brock.


Satbir Singh: Editor-in-Chief

In my fourth-year working for The Brock Press, my motivation to strive as a journalist and a member of the team has not decreased one bit. I originally joined the Press because I enjoyed writing about sports. In my first-year I applied to be the Sports Editor, but was told ‘no thanks”. However, I kept at it, as I volunteered and a month and a half later was hired as a Staff Writer. Then in year two, I moved into the role of Sports Editor, and for two years I have been the Editor-in-Chief. The environment and flexibility The Brock Press provides makes it a great place to work, and my goal is to grow our team of writers so Brock students receive the best and the top news around campus and the local community.

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