What you did and didn’t miss at this year’s VMAs


The  MTV Video Music Awards (VMAS) has brought some memorable moments to the pop culture landscape over time. This year was no exception, with performances from start to finish the show left leaving little desired by its audience.

The show took place on August 27 in Los Angeles, California with an all star line up in both the audience and the performers. The night was hosted by Katy Perry, whose quirky personality, outlandish costumes and talent made her a promising candidate. However, her opening monologue was poorly written and her jokes fell flat, as faces from the audience like Ellen was seen not amused by the superstar’s efforts. Kendrick Lamar, had the most nominations (eight) and was considered one of the most anticipated performers. He did not disappoint. Lamar opened the show with a compilation of his hits and set the stage on fire, giving the word ‘lit’ a whole new meaning. Ed Sheeran followed shortly after and got the crowd going for the night with his rendition of “Shape of You.” They both brought different approaches to their treatment of the stage.

Cardi B is the underdog that bit. Her fierce performance at the pre show of her Billboard hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ had everyone singing along to every lyric, and maybe even gave you a boost of confidence. Listen to the lyrics if you haven’t already and you’ll see what I mean.

The execution of the show took a different direction, as we saw a showcase of creativity and innovation in stage design and production of each performance. The artistic approach deviates from the highly rehearsed and choreographed performances we have previously seen.

I could not write this review without making mention of P!NK’s indelible speech dedicated to her daughter upon receiving the VanGuard award. She gave an excerpt of a conversation with her daughter where she expressed she ‘looked like a boy’ P!nk told her daughter  “we take the gravel in its shell and make it a pearl”. She also made mention that she made a slide show of successful androgynous rockstars and despite their image they sell out arenas all over the world.

MTV also revised their gender specific categories, by eliminating them from this year’s show. This effort was also emphasized by renaming the coveted ‘moonman’ award the ‘moon person’ award.


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