What to Look out for at Clubs and Vendor Fair

download (1)One of Brock’s long-standing traditions to kick off O-week and introduce students to the plethora of opportunities they’ll have in their time at Brock is the Clubs and Vendor Fair. Students can check out this year’s fair  on Tuesday, September 5 and Wednesday, September 6. Both Brock clubs, community organizations and businesses will have booths set up on Weatherstation Field for students to check out. It’s a great way to get educated about the opportunities aviable to you as a Brock student.

There is such a wide variety of clubs to join at Brock; rangings from athletics to political to theatre to academics. The options can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve put a list together of some of the top things to be sure to check out when you visit the fair!

  1. Brock TV

Brock TV is a student-funded and student-run video news coverage of various Brock events that take place throughout the year. They are dedicated to providing the Brock community with accurate and timely coverage on subjects that you, the community members, need to know! They provide live coverage of highly anticipated news, exciting sports games, and big events that include a large portion of the Brock community. They also work to provide coverage of sports games and athletic events, as well as in-depth and behind the scenes looks at athletes and their lives. Brock TV also has a news section, where they cover the big news events that may impact Brock. They are dedicated to providing relevant and up-to-date news stories on all events they feel are important for Brock students to know about.

  1. Brock Dance

Brock Dance is the club to join if you enjoy any type of dance. They offer classes that cover all skill levels, from beginner right through to competitive levels. They also offer classes in a large variety of styles, including jazz, ballet, hip hop, and more! As a team they are dedicated to supporting each other through living an active lifestyle and staying healthy despite stress that comes with school. Each team has a teacher who is a student at Brock and loves to share their love of dance! Their competitive teams work hard to attend a number of competitions near the end of the year, and the entire club puts on a dance recital for the Brock community at the end of the school year.

  1. The Brock Press

The Brock Press has been around since 1964 as the only student-run newspaper at Brock University. The newspaper is now an independent student newspaper, published every Tuesday and avilable on-campus at various newsstands. The Brock Press is also available online as it covers all news related to Brock from the Students’ Union, events, student governance and any other campus news students need to know. There is also indepth sports coverage and a focus on arts around the local area.

  1. Isaac’s Army

Isaac’s Army is the Brock’s official athletic fanbase. Whether you play sports or just enjoy watching, you want to be a member of Isaac’s Army! It has been recognized by other universities for it’s incredible dedication, support, encouragement, and loyalty to its athletes. Isaac’s Army is a collaboration between Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) and Brock University Athletic Council (BUAC). As a member of the army, you are part of each and every victory, Isaac’s army plays a huge role in encouraging our varsity athletes to push harder and pull out win after win.

  1. Bus Passes

Although they aren’t a club, getting your U-pass sticker is a definite must when you attend Clubs and Vendor Fair. The U-pass sticker is proof to the bus drivers that you paid the cost included in your tuition for a yearly U-Pass sticker. St. Catharines Transit has stipulated on their website that you must have your U-pass sticker by Friday, September 22. After this date, all Brock students without the sticker will be required to pay the $3.00 ride fee.

  1. General Brock

General Brock is your student-owned, student run convenience store on campus. Inside you can grab a Booster Juice smoothie, a pizza slice from Pizza Pizza, a cup of fair trade coffee or tea, as well as ready made sandwiches, snacks, and a variety of other supplies you may need. They have healthy meal options for a variety of diets, including vegan, halal, gluten free, and more. General Brock also houses a lounge area, great for studying or hanging out with new friends! They have board games which are free to use for Brock students and provide a great way to kick back, take a break from studying, hang out with old friends, or make new ones!

The clubs listed above are just a small sampling of what you will find at Clubs and Vendor Fair. Make sure you check it out on September 5 and 6 to meet tons of people, find out where you want to get involved, and the answers to questions you may have about student life at Brock.


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