Taylor Swift is no more: and we are at the wake


It is no surprise to us that Taylor Swift is, once again, singing about a failed relationship. But what is surprising is, it’s about herself. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ debuted at the VMA’s and has broken records  since its release.

The music video captures a sultry Swift clad as a zombie, with dark lips and dishevelled hair. This image is brought to us with a snake motif, perhaps addresses the ongoing feuds she has had with Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian ,Kanye West and Calvin Harris. The snake motif is so prominent throughout the video which signifies Swift’s engagement with these celebrities over the years.

The video also brings to our attention Taylor relinquishing her past personas. In the opening of the video we see a tombstone engraved, ‘here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation’. Symbolic of not only the genesis of her new album, but sets the tone of what to expect from the Grammy Award winning star. Resentment and betrayal are all sentiments conveyed throughout the song, with allusions to her sexual assault case with DJ David Mueller, ex boyfriend Tom Hiddleston and mocking Katy Perry. However, the chorus line, ‘Look what you just made me do’ serves to detach Swift from her role in some of these instances.

Swift’s following entails a large sector of young impressionable girls. Considering this, can we question: where does Swift accept accountability in her part to play in these feuds? A healthier message should be brought to the forefront, instead of casting blame on the other parties.

What we must be cognizant of is that is called ‘show business.’ This single alone has not only generated the beginning of what seems to be a never ending narrative for Swift but, she has landed the most Spotify streams, most video and lyric video views in its first day, making it her biggest YouTube debut to date.

If her reputation of the good girl next door is what she is trying to forego, consider it done, along with her songwriting skills on this single. While I’m sure we can all appreciate the evolution of an artist, this version might be a tough one to swallow.

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