St. Paul street Reopens as Beechwood set to move locations

Brock students and residents of St. Catharines are excited to see that St. Paul Street, which runs through the downtown core of the city, has reopened this past Friday after being closed since May. St. Paul Street was closed between Carlisle Street and James Street for repairs to make the street more accessible. The construction included building new sidewalks, putting in new curbs and gutters, repaving the road, and installing new, streetlights, as well as some landscaping to make the street more inviting.

Although businesses on the street remained opened and pedestrian traffic was never completely blocked off, the road had been closed to vehicles for approximately four months. St. Paul Street is home to a large number of popular St. Catharines destinations,  which draws quite a large crowd to the downtown area. However, the street was not easy to navigate as it was often congested with too much traffic.

St. Paul is a common destination for many Brock students. It is home to the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, where many classes in the Fine Arts are held. Mahtay Café & Lounge, another popular hangout destination for students, is also on St. Paul Street. The goal of the construction was purely to help ease a congested road. Now that it has been finished, the construction will have hopefully rectified those issues from the past.

The construction was done with the purpose of making the street more accessible. The sidewalks are now wider than they used to be, and there are now accessible traffic signals at the intersection of St. Paul Street and Carlisle Street, which is also the location of the bus terminal. Additionally, a crosswalk was installed at the intersection of St.Paul Street and Garden Park. The left turning lane from St. Paul Street to Carlisle Street has been removed to allow for the wider sidewalks. The hope is that with these new changes, both pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be able to move through the popular area of the city more easily.

These renovations to the street come right on time, because St. Paul Street will soon be seeing even more traffic than usual. This is due to a recent announcement made by Beechwood Doughnuts, a popular vegan doughnut shop currently located on James Street, who announced on Wednesday that they will be moving their shop around the corner from their current location to 165 St. Paul Street (between Queen Street and James Street).

Beechwood will be open for their regular hours at their James Street location until September 23, after which they will be closed for a few weeks in order to move to St. Paul Street. There is no official reopening date as of yet, but the team hopes to reopen by Thanksgiving. The grand opening should be announced within the next few weeks on their website and social media.

The announcement by Beechwood expressed great thankfulness for all those who have helped make the business a success, as well as excitement for the changes that are ahead. The business has grown extensively in the past three years, which led to the need for a new building.


Between the new and improved St. Paul Street, the flood of students coming back to St. Catharines, and the plethora of exciting things to do downtown, there is sure to be lots of traffic in the area for the next few months. The city has advised that although St. Paul Street is now opened again, there may be minor jobs that will still need to be done, such as landscaping tasks and small installations. These minor tasks may require temporary lane closures that drivers need to be aware of. Be sure to watch for any construction workers that may still be working on the street in the coming months. However, the area is now opened again and traffic should flow largely uninterrupted, so make sure to come and check out all that the downtown core of St. Catharines has to offer.

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