President Gervan Fearon Bringing Terry Fox Run to Brock University


This past month it was announced that Gervan Fearon decided to support the decision to use Brock University to host the Terry Fox Run this month. The St. Catharines Terry Fox Run will be held on campus at 10:00 a.m. on September 17. However, the event is going to include much more then the run, as there will also be an after-party and some smaller activities being held on campus. This appears to be an example of president Fearon making good on his promises to collaborate,.

On the final day of the homecoming weekend the event will include talks from Brock professors on the cancer research being done at the school’s facilities. As well as a tour of the labs where the cancer research is being done. This is also a great opportunity for some interested students who are looking to participate in raising money for cancer research. This will be a moment in which the community and Brock students have an opportunity to come together for a great cause.

Now that there is a greater opportunity for students to attend the event it will be interesting to see whether or not the numbers spike in attendance, volunteering and participation.  Brock can do well with more ways to interact with the community. The university’s location is somewhat secluded from the highly trafficked areas of the city, this causes some amount of separation from the general public and the students of the school. This is a step forward towards more interaction between both students and the Thorold/St. Catharines population.

There is great energy around the event due to the fact that students are now able to support the event as it is closer to home than it has been in the past. Doug Harvey from the St. Catharines Terry Fox Committee voiced his excitement about the new placement, “it brings another dynamic to it, it brings a larger audience and I think support from Brock students and the whole group up there is really going to be a benefit to the event.”

In Canada the Terry Fox Run is something more than just  a run for charity. It is a proclomation of one of the few things we can definitely say is Canadian. That when life puts you down you get back up. Terry Fox perfectly epitomizes those values and serves as a stark reminder of what we are capapble of.

This is a historic change as for the past four decades, the event has been held in Port Dalhousie. But this may be the opportunity to create a new tradition. Brock’s involvement with the Terry Fox Run is getting stronger by the years as more faculty and students involve themselves now that the event is starting on campus.


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