Netflix Alternatives to Consider


Netflix has monopolised the online subscription market. What started out as a DVD subscription service is now nearing 100 million subscribers worldwide, with users watching up to one billion hours in content per annum. Consumers can often feel like options are limited in scope as Netflix keeps an competitive edge in the market. However, here are a few alternatives that might suit your viewing preferences and price points.

Crave TV — This video on demand service is brought to us by Bell Media. The platform hosts a library of noteworthy titles such as : Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock. Crave TV can be enjoyed through an app, smartphones, video game consoles and smart TVs. Competitively priced at $7.99 per month, it is important to keep in mind this service is more oriented toward TV series rather than movies.

Amazon Prime Video — this streaming video service offered by Amazon is priced at $79 per year (you can also cancel the subscription anytime you like), which works out to be a bit more affordable than its competitors like Netflix, and Crave Tv. If you are interested in Amazon’s exclusive content such as: The Tick, American Gods and Bosch this would be the service to suit you. The subscription has recently gained a considerable amount of popularity among users. See what all the buzz is about by starting a 30 day free trial.

HBO Now — it can be argued HBO has some of the best content produced for television, some titles include. Sex and the City, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Divorce and, Game of Thrones justifies the $14.99 price tag attached to this streaming platform.  The price can understandably seem steep but if you are an avid fan then it would be worth it for the variety.

TubiTv and Crackle — these are both two viable options, especially for students since they are free, however, the small price you have to pay is to endure advertisements during your viewing time. If this does not matter to you, and you are not interested in following a series or show there is something for everyone on these apps.

Whatever company you may chose to patronize in order to enjoy a streaming subscription it is important to do research and make an informed decision to suit your needs and wants as a consumer.


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