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Food and beverage have become a significant part of pop culture. Whether you are new to the St Catharines area or not I am sure you will appreciate some recommendations on where to find affordable dining.

The Bull Bbq Pit

Located on St Paul Street downtown St Catharines, this joint is hard to miss. You might recognize this name from their TV feature. This laid back BBQ spot has plenty more to boast about. Their menu comprises of small plates, sandwiches, burgers and entree items. Most of the items on the menu have a satirical label which only adds to your experience at this casual restaurant. Do not let the BBQ features worry you, there are also vegan and vegetarian options available for patrons. When no dish costs over $11.95, it caters ideally for a student budget or anyone looking to grab a satisfying bite without spending a pretty penny.

Lester D’s Reel Diner

When you walk into this blockbuster themed diner on Hartzel Road, there is so much that catches your eye, the props, signs and energetic staff are just a few. Whether you choose to grab lunch, breakfast, brunch or just a milkshake you will be entertained from start to finish. The service is fast and efficient, with the price points ranging from $6 – $20. At this family-friendly diner, there is something for everyone.

Bella Noella’s Pizzeria

This gem located downtown St. Catharines offers gluten friendly options. This pizza parlour has classic and modern takes on their gourmet pizza combinations. All are guaranteed to be delicious. There are a  number of specials such as, no tax Tuesday and late night deals. They are also very generous with the sizing of their individual slices which is so worth the short wait.

Kwong Chow Chinese

This hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant on St. Paul Street provides tasty yet affordable Chinese dishes. While price is compromised, portion sizes are not. They offer everything from spring rolls and soups to dinner -for -three specials. Eat in or take out, your wallet and appetite would be pleased with this choice.

Sunset Restaurant

This mom and pop spot has been around for over three decades, located downtown St Catharines you will come here to find good breakfast and lunch options as their typical opening hours are from 9:00 3:00 p.m.. This is another budget friendly option with prices ranging from $3.95 to $10.00, two can comfortably dine for around $20.00. With their warm and friendly staff there to greet you, you will feel like you’ve sat at your grandma’s kitchen table for breakfast.


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