Local Night Scene takes hit in wake of shooting


A shooting at L8 Nightclub has shaken the Niagara and Thorold Night Scene. On September 3 at 4:45 a.m. there were reports of gunshots during an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concert at L8 Nightclub in Niagara Falls, as reported by the Niagara Regional Police. While the Police initially stated that three people were injured, they later confirmed two additional victims following further investigation. The victims were described by the NRP media release as sustaining serious, but non-life threatening injuries. All of the victims have received medical attention and are being cared for.

The festivities of the EDM concert were wrapping up as the shooting occurred and the organizer of the event, Quan Nguyen, assured that there were no further incidents that followed; this shooting coincided with a few events in the Niagara region, one of those being the Niagara Night Market. Many vendors expressed their distaste with the shooting and stated that there had been a decrease in attendants following the shooting and an increased police presence, which may have hindered the success of the Niagara Night Market following the shooting.

L8 Nightclub used to be a Thorold club named Penthouse Strip Club at the corner of Highway 20 and Thorold Townline Road. While Nguyen had announced plans to reopen the club the next night due to Police presence he was unable to.

This shooting quickly follows the assault outside of another local club, Mansion House on July 6, 2017. Students are encouraged to assure their own safety at all times, and always plan ahead before a night out when possible.

The Police have described the L8 suspects’ vehicle as a dark coloured sedan and have stated there are two suspects in the shooting and are considered dangerous, if you feel that you are in any danger contact 911 immediately. If you have any tips contact the detectives at (905) 688-4111 ext. 4233.


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