Hurricane Harvey Causes Local Gas Prices to Skyrocket


Hurricane Harvey, the first major hurricane since Wilma in 2005 to make landfall in the United States has been devastating the southern part of the country, specifically the Houston region of Texas. It has been the flooding following the hurricane that has done the majority of the damage.

During this massive storm, it seems that nearly one third of U.S. oil refineries have been facing operational difficulties.

As a result, gas prices, skyrocketed by nearly ten cents per gallon overnight. Due to the effect on Texan refineries, many predict that prices will continue to worsen from here. According to Dan McTeague from it seems to be two of the major transportation oil pipelines that have slowed or stopped completely; which is causing the massive price bump. McTeague claims that the entirety of the American East coast is affected.

So how has this affected students? Well one example in the Brock area is the Esso station right at the bottom of Burleigh Hill. The station itself has found prices gone up by nearly fifteen cents this past week and have indicated that the price may rise again soon. The price going from $1.11 per litre to $1.25 per litre  and the price has only continued to grow, which directly affects any students who will be attempting to commute this year from either their home town, to and from a co-op or internship program or simply prefer to drive into school instead of taking the bus.

So, what can students do? Public transportation is always an option, even with the newly changed bus routes,  there are plenty of options for getting around thanks to St. Catharines Transit. Larger groups of friends can also consider carpooling or splitting an Uber, however there is evidence that should this situation last. Uber prices may also climb as their cost of doing business does as well. So while there are definitely options, including biking, bussing, carpooling or even walking, it certainly seems that anyone who must drive for their daily routine will be forced to stick with it for the next while. This is only one of the many ways that the effects of Hurricane Harvey have been

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