How to stay sane through the early semester stress


It’s that time of year when things begin to settle in, papers are due soon, and midterms are coming up. Whether or not you’re taking a full course load or not, school work can begin to pile up around this time, and students forget to find time to exercise because they are buried in their books.

Of course, with this in mind, the stress of studying, keeping up with lectures — or really, catching up on lectures — it’s good to know the various places and things you can do in the Niagara region for little to no cost. Everyone needs some time to relax and recuperate before going back into the library to study, so let’s discuss some good ones.

Decew Falls

Do you want to stay close enough to Brock that you could bike to your destination? Decew Falls is located just south of Brock in Thorold. You can hike down close to the water for great exercise. You’d get quite a workout with a great view from the top to the bottom at this local attraction.

Lakeside Park Carousel

Be honest, how long has it been since you were on a carousel? For just a nickel, you can take a nice carousel ride in Port Dalhousie (right on the water). The carousel only runs until Thanksgiving, so if you’re needing a study break for a few hours, take a trip up to Port Dalhousie and walk along the water, go on a carousel and get rejuvenated for some more studying. (Bonus, this area of Port Dalhousie is easily accessible by bus from the downtown terminal)

Niagara Parkway

Have a bike? The Niagara Parkway stretches from Niagara-on-the-Lake all the way to Fort Erie. It’s a great opportunity to get out and see the beautiful scenery around the Niagara region. Of course, whether travelling by bike or car, if you pack some lunch, there are lots of stops along the way where you can have a picnic.

Niagara Glen

Enjoy a good hike and want to see something other than Decew falls? The Niagara Glen now has bouldering, which is a great way to stay healthy through sport in a beautiful area.

Niagara Falls

Though the Falls isn’t on the cheap of things, sometimes going for a walk at the Falls, playing some mini golf or going to an arcade and revisiting the ten year-old you can be a relaxing way to treat yourself after a long week of lectures, readings, and studying.

Pen Centre

Another destination that is easy to get to by bus. A great way to calm down, do some window shopping and get in some exercise while you’re at it.  A great advantage of getting your walking in at the Pen Centre is that you don’t have to worry about the weather — rain or shine, the halls of the mall will always be an option.

Welland Canal

There is a trail for biking and walking that begins at Charles Ansell Park, and goes all the way to lock three where the St. Catharines Museum is located.

Remember, it’s important to find balance during this time. Spend some time studying, some time sleeping and find time for yourself to get out and get active. It doesn’t have to be a kickboxing class or a scheduled intramural game. Explore the trails at Brock and Decew Falls, and enjoy the free things available around Niagara to get to see the beautiful areas of the region.


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