Fall-ing Into Fashion: The Complete Guide

fall fashion

Over the past week our social media platforms have been inundated with content surging from beauty brands, fashion icons and celebrity endorsements. As these products become embedded into popular culture, these images tend to become our source of inspiration and influence for styling and  trend-setting. Consuming these images can become overwhelming, and sometimes easily tuned out. Here are a few of the noteworthy contributions seen on-line and on the runway during New York Fashion Week for this fall.




While this bold fiery color is typically intimidating, many designers such as Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar DE la Renta, and Givenchy manipulated the colors use for monochromatic, statement, and embroidery pieces. While fall is usually reserved for warmer tones, these designers have chosen to challenge the status quo and reform the fashion norms as we know it. If you are hesitant to follow this upcoming trend one can ‘start small’ using accessories and small embellishments which will still catch the eye without drawing a lot of attention.


Glitter boots.

These are sure to make statement before you do. This daring accessory reemerged on the runway during New York Fashion Week and was seen on the feet of celebrities and models alike. Stylistically, these sparkly boots can provide the perfect juxtaposition for a pair of cargo pants, heavy outerwear and denim looks. On the opposite end of the style spectrum, getting the high heeled version of these pumps can provide the perfect compliment to an ultra – glam feminine outfit. One thing is certain, with this trend it’s either love or hate.


This texture of fabric is warm and inviting, and has surprisingly prove to be very versatile. Velvet is ideal for transitioning from a day to night look and can easily be used. Pairing a velvet dress with a biker moto jacket is perfect for girls’ night out on the town. For something more casual, opt for a choker and sneakers. During a crisp fall day, a colored velvet trench coat or blazer paired with light blue jeans or a dark maxi dress would make for a great business casual outfit idea.

Mule shoes

These were a big hit this summer and are finding their way into autumn fashion. Their chunky heels and slip on slip off style are easy, and remain stylish despite their comfort. These ankle grabbing styles can suit business casual outfits, and are ideal for mid length skirts and hi-lo maxi dresses. They also pair well with boyfriend jeans and leggings. For a 70s inspired outfit, use these to break up an all denim look. Any way you decide to use these shoes, you won’t be disappointed.



 Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

While some consumers can be reluctant to support celebrity brands, Rihanna provides good reason to. After working on her Fenty Beauty line for over three years, her makeup line was inspired to cater to women of all shades, attitudes and cultures. This resulted in the creation of over 91 products, including the highly anticipated Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 40 shades. Her mission —to leave no skin tone unmatched— was fulfilled. This was accomplished as her supporters took to social media to give reviews and accolades for her success for creating a truly inclusive beauty line. This is attested by the fact that U.S. stores have reported to have sold out of the darkest foundation shades on-line mere hours after its release. You can find these products on-line or in store at your local Sephora.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

After the immense success of her first limited edition Rose Gold eye shadow palette, the Huda Beauty team was determined to exceed the expectations put forward by their first palette. Since the Rose Gold edition has been discontinued, fans of the brand are anxious to get their hands on her latest product. The Desert Dusk palette consists of 18 sunset inspired colors, with the promise to provide versatility and utility for daytime, nighttime and glamorous events. Rumored to be priced around $85 CAD, the pressed glitter powders, creamy and blend-able shades all are inspired by the surroundings of the Huda Beauty headquarters, based in Dubai. Should you want to get your hands on this product, Sephora Canada stores begin in store sales on October 13 and it will be available online from September 18.


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