Don’t go chasing waterfalls: Things to do in the Niagara Region


Brock University is fortunate enough to belong to the handful of universities situated within a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biosphere reserve. The infrastructure found within the area serves to accent the natural surroundings. The Niagara Region offers its residents and visitors an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, with Niagara Falls being at the top of the list. However, after a few visits you might be searching for something else to scratch your adventure itch. Here are a few ideas worth exploring:


Niagara Glen Nature Reserve

There is more than meets the eye at this beautiful hiking trail and nature area. To get to the trails, before you descend a steep flight of stairs  where you would find to a map with multiple paths varying in difficulty for you to choose from. There is a map outlines the different paths to cater for varying abilities and difficulties. My personal favourite would be the water path, this trail takes you along to the Gorge, where during your hike you will see the rapids of the Niagara River in full force. During the spring and summer seasons, they also offered guided tours for your comfort and safety. Visitors should be aware that proper footwear and apparel are strongly suggested for the trails.


White Water Walk

This family-friendly attraction offers its visitors an up close and personal experience with the Niagara River. The picturesque views from the deck offer a tranquility like no other, the viscous movement of the river provides an oddly relaxing ambience for your walk. The boardwalk is family friendly, and visitors are required to pay an entry fee. Along the riverside boardwalk you will find excerpts and stories about the history, geology flora and fauna of the area. This attraction is also outfitted with an elevator that takes you to the base of the boardwalk to begin your journey.


Wineries of the Niagara Region

The vineyards and wineries located throughout the Niagara Region all have one thing in common; they offer exceptional experiences to their visitors year round. There are over 20 wineries located under the Niagara Escarpment. Most winery tours have a small fee (usually around $10) which include wine tastings and typically include a coupon or discount to their on-site boutique. You can also opt to do wine and food pairings, dinners, or special events at select estates. If you really want to see the vines in their glory make sure to visit before the harvesting season which begins in November.


NOTL Old Town

The streets of Old Town Niagara on the Lake echo the charm and aesthetic from its rich history. Here you will find speciality boutiques, restaurants and pubs lined along the streets with bed and breakfast options for tourist. Among its attractions there is Fort George and the Historical Society Museum and the renowned Shaw Festival Theatre. You can also opt to take a carriage ride tour throughout the town or do a self guided walking tour. Either way you would not be disappointed by what this  city has to offer.


Decew  Falls

Decew Falls can be a prime destination if you are in need of adventure, exercise or even a study break. It is a four minute drive from Brock University, and roughly a 25-30 minute walk using the trail from campus. The falls cascade about 72m into a basin shaped arena, offering spectacular views and photo opportunities for its visitors.


Montebello Park

Montebello Park hosts a series of events throughout the year, including the upcoming Wine and Cheese festival. Located downtown St Catharines, if you are commuting it is a short ten minute walk from the bus terminal. At this park you can find some peace and quiet, feel free to grab a book or just sit back and enjoy the surroundings of the lush greenery. On the odd occasion you might be lucky to hear some musicians playing renditions of the classics.

When visiting outdoors, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but memories. Always respect the rules and regulations of the area as they are there to ensure your safety. Travelling with a group is always recommended as well as having a first aid kit on hand in case of emergency. Whatever adventure you are looking for you would be sure to find it within the Niagara Region.


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