Different Perspectives of getting back into the groove of school

Dylan Bye: News Editor

The hardest part about being back to school for my fourth year is that it’s my fourth year. Some people are able to attend classes for much longer than my single bachelor degree, but for whatever reason I find myself knee-deep in the fatigue. Whenever I’ve got an early class I find myself dreading it the entire night beforehand, struggling to wake up has never been more real. However I’ve also found this year to be the year where I have felt that I’ve been making the most progress into my actual life. My life outside of classes feels tangible now, not just waiting for the next class to begin. This is the year where I really start building a life for myself, a life that I’ll have for the rest of my days, which is both horrifying and exciting. That has been the hardest part of coming back to Brock.


Elizabeth Martin: Assistant News Editor

In my opinion, the hardest part about getting back into the groove of school is getting used to the lack of overall freedom. While summer jobs are definitely a thing, they are usually a clock-in, clock-out sort of deal that involves leaving the job at the door on your way out. Classes, on the other hand, are only half the work involved in school, if not possibly less depending on the amount of homework/additional time outside of the classroom said class involves. Remembering that all the ‘free time’ it sometimes feels like I have at the beginning of the year is actually time I need to dedicate to school work.

Additionally, I also find that getting into a new routine is a little daunting. This is where the calendar in my phone comes in handy. Making sure I have enough time to do everything I need to get done is not always the easiest obstacle to face.


Isabelle Cropper: Sports & Health Editor

The hard part about coming back to school is — the realization of how soon things are due and how soon you will have exams — will hit you like a wrecking ball right about now. The struggle is when you find yourself not in class or at work, and you think, I can just watch netflix because there are no other responsibilities to worry about. But, in reality, anytime you aren’t in class or at work, there are probably lots of readings for lectures and seminars to be done, there is likely a lecture you didn’t understand that you should be going over, or simply figuring out what is due and when. Then, on top of everything else, we have this weekend called Homecoming the second weekend we’re back, so of course nothing gets done on those days off. But, alas, we all figure out at some point that the semester is well upon us and it’s time to focus.


Joanna Ward: Managing Editor

The hardest part about going back to school is figuring out how to balance all of the different important things in my life. My summer job spills over into September and then my on campus job starts, plus I always end up taking more classes than I thought I would be taking. It’s a bit difficult to get it all arranged. I end up juggling a couple of things every day and hoping my bus comes on time between them. My calendar always ends up a bit of a mess by week three. As the semester goes on though, I fall back into the routine and everything just seems to work itself out. There really is time for everything after all. Now, if only I could work in some time to eat, sleep, and do the laundry…


Quinton Ascah: Assistant News Editor

For me, the most difficult part of getting adjusted to being back at Brock is time-management skills. Over the summer, I did have a full-time job, but when you’re off the clock at work, you can wash your hands of what happened and what you were working on at your employment. Your free-time is just that. However, during school, even when you are not in class, you have to juggle a part-time job, social and family life and school work. An important part of tackling this issue for me is being organized by having a physical calendar to schedule out my work.


Cameron Burgess: Assistant Sports & Health Editor

After working a full-time job all summer, the hardest part of getting back into the groove of school is getting used to a new schedule. In the summer, every day was the same and it was easy to get into a routine of going to bed, eating, and waking up at the same time. Now with school starting again, each day is different. Class schedules are vary each day, meaning that some days need to start a lot earlier than others, and I find myself staying up too late on most nights. It’s tough to find time to go to the gym, or just hang out and relax while still trying to figure out how to balance school, work and a social life.


John Gobin: Assistant Sports & Health Editor

As a first-year student, my experience is definitely different than those of my upper-year colleagues. Instead of getting back into the swing of things, I am more looking to learn the ropes, while also trying to juggle the various extra-curricular activities I have joined. It has been a surreal experience and when I check the calendar every day, I expect that I have been here for months, when it truly has only been days. For the first time in my life, I am living away from home with a group of completely new people, without meeting a single new person before my first day. To say it was a nerve-wracking experience would be a huge understatement. While at times my transition has seemed overwhelming, I have started to come into my own as the days go by and the assignments go in. All in all, if these first weeks are any indicator of my years to come, my experience at Brock will be the best of my life.


Sophie Hassanali: Arts & Culture Editor

Being back to the familiar walls of Brock University after a four month break, still requires some ‘getting used to’ after three years. However, this year with the heightened demand for my time combined through work, school and recreation my routine has become regimented. What has been the toughest challenge being back to school is missing my home cooked meals . I finding myself now skipping breakfast in order to catch the bus on time, or missing meals in order to keep up with my demanding schedule. While one would suggest I should just wake up earlier and get a full meal in, I rather enjoy a couple more minutes of sleep.


Serena Hosmar: Assistant News Editor

I’m entering second-year, and what I’ve been finding most difficult is to get back into the quick pace of school. During the summer it’s easy to let things slide and wait until the last minute to do things because generally there are less things keeping me busy. Coming back to school seemed like a culture shock in terms of the fast pace and the number of expectations from all of my different classes. It can be overwhelming to stare at five syllabi and realize that you have papers due in less than a month, weekly article summaries for multiple classes, and readings to do for every class and seminar. I’ve been finding it a bit daunting to try and begin tackling the mountain of homework, but perseverance and hard work will eventually pay off.


Cameron Tyson: Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

Sleep schedules! Nothing hurts more about a new routine than having to figure out how to work nap time around it. Over the summer, you slip into a routine; maybe you have a job, and had a 7:00 a.m. start every day. Maybe you relaxed all summer, and never had to roll out of bed for anybody. Either way, coming back to Brock and having your day start anywhere from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. is not what you’re used to. I don’t know about you, but I need my beauty sleep, and it’s not so easy to get that when you have to figure out a week’s worth of new bedtimes on the fly (and that’s to say nothing of the all-important afternoon nap). Managing one alarm was bad enough, but having one for each day of the week? I’ll hit snooze on that nonsense, thanks.

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One thought on “Different Perspectives of getting back into the groove of school

  1. Thanks for sharing honest perspectives! I can definitely relate to Dylan’s view of “The hardest part about being back to school for my fourth year is that it’s my fourth year.” You’re not alone, friend! I felt the exact same way, like the pressures and responsibility to actually get your life together.

    It’s like, you see the first years waiting to get into their classes 10 minutes or more, before their class starts, whereas now, it’s like… I have 5 minutes, I can wait a little longer. #dreadful But! Look at the bright side: just 8 more months of this day in day out, adjust your schedule here and there, go out or not to go out? start assignment now or later?

    Something I’m reminding myself, as a fellow fourth year: this is the last stretch of our marathon at Brock (for now anyway). We’ve made it through freshman year, got with the times with second year, enjoyed the excitement of third year, and now it’s time to push through and finish fourth! We’ve got a lot ahead of us – all students, for that matter. And I hope that school isn’t our only focus, because there’s more to life that school!

    Have an awesome semester!

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