Desiigner Headlining Big Ticket Concert

“Panda” at MMVA’s /

BUSU announced this week that the next headliner for the Brock big ticket concert is going to be Desiigner. The rising hip hop star who is best known for his hit song Panda, is an incredibe young talent and seems to be a sign of BUSU listening to what the students want. According to Maddy Wassink Vice-President of BUSU, “a lot of students have voiced that they wanted to see a hip hop or rap artist come to Brock, so we’re super excited to be able to bring that to them.”

The BUSU team also expressed interest in supporting artist Jazz Cartier a local Torontonian and Juno award winning hip hop artist.

There is a trend here that has been broken. It seems that there is a push to move away from EDM (electronic dance music) as the main genre of the big ticket concert, and more to what the students are wanting, rather than any artist of the same genre. From 2010-2015 there were only artists of the EDM genre playing as the headliner during the big ticket concert. Starting just last year there was a move away from EDM.

While the concert didn’t quite go as planned due to inclement weather the past year, Alessia Cara was a notable move away from the traditions of the past. It isn’t all that surprising that this year BUSU has chosen an artist like Desiigner to headline the concert. There is definitely a lot of positive energy around the headliner, but what is there to know about Desiigner?

Desiigner is quite young for the level of success that he has already found. He released his first huge hit “Panda” in early 2016 at the age of 18 and immediately found success with it. By the time he will perform at Brockchella he will only be 20 years old,. Youth may have helped him understand the wants of music and specifically hip hop, fans “Pandas” success immediately saw him landing a record deal with GOOD Music, Kanye West’s record company. Since then he has appeared on a few tracks with his record mates and continued to find success through his recording company.

Now all the preparations have been completed. If you’re interested in buying tickets you can visit and if you’re looking for more coverage stay tuned to the Brock Press for our coverage of O-Week and everything happening during it.


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