Brock Students are really bad at taking the bus

Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Despite the ubiquity of mass transit in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region, Brock  University students suck at taking the bus. While many of us take the bus every day now that we’re here for school, at lot of people don’t come from mass transit cities. Driving was the way to get around before university. The little things and unspoken rules that us long-time bus commuters learned are new and maybe unknown to the bus newbie. But don’t worry! You can get better. Here are some transit faux pas that happen every day.

Student A gets on the bus at the start of the route. There’s plenty of room and everyone gets a seat. Student A gets a place to put their backpack instead of on their lap. The problem here is that once the bus leaves the terminal, it travels through areas full of student housing. Student B gets on the bus 10 minutes later, however, and there are no available seats. Eight or nine backpacks get a chair, but people who are just as tired as Student A not only have to stand up, but also have to keep their bags on their backs. This makes for an unnecessarily uncomfortable and crowded ride to school. Take your bag off the seat. You don’t have to get to know your neighbour, but it’s a major transit faux pas to leave someone standing so you don’t have to sit next to a stranger. This also applies to people who sit on the outside seat, blocking access to the window seat.

I’m not sure why everyone is so reluctant to stand at the back of the bus, but for some reason when the bus driver asks people to move back, there’s always one person who refuses to move. They create a bottle neck, making it nearly impossible for others to get to the back of the bus, forcing the driver to leave people behind. If it was you that the bus drove past, making you late for your first class, would you be happy? Probably not. Move all the way back.

I’m sure your taste in music is great. Parties at your house are best when you are the DJ. Your playlist has the perfect rise and fall to get you ready for a long day of learning. What works for one person, however, does not work for everybody. Listening to music without headphones is a major transit no-no that unfortunately several Brock students are still committing. Headphones are cheap and will save you a lot of angry looks from fellow passengers. This also applies to watching videos or snaps with sound.

It is dangerous to chase after a moving bus. Being late for class sucks, but getting smashed to bits in traffic is worse. Running after a bus after it’s left the stop can get you and many other people hurt. If you’re worried about being late, leave a little bit earlier just in case. Buses are early sometimes, that’s par for the course. But if you cause an accident everybody’s bus is going to be late. It probably goes without saying, but the way to get a bus to stop if you’re not at the actual bus stop is not to step into the street. Wave at the driver, they might see you and stop. If they don’t, sorry you’ll have to wait.


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