Brock students and clubs team up for the residence move-in day

esidence Move-In / Samantha Daniel

It’s that time of year again: Orientation Week at Brock has started off with the annual residence move-in tradition. The move-in took place on September 3 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., it involed a number of senior year Brock students and representatives from Brock clubs assisting first-years in moving into their new homes on campus.

With all of the 2,400 residence beds on campus having been rented, the volunteers had their work cut out for them during the six-hours.

Beyond the practical, logistical purpose of getting students moved in, it’s the first day for new students to adjust to their new life as Badgers.

Maddy Wassink, Vice President of Student Services at Brock University Students’ Union, could not stress more how important residence move-in is in building a comprehensive student community at Brock.

“Within a few minutes of stopping their car, our team of volunteers have their items gathered up and brought to dorm rooms, which has led to countless comments of how fantastic Brock is for our students moving in,” Wassink explained. “BUSU’s clubs along with our student volunteers come in masses to help make this happen, with around 600 volunteers being sent out to make this a great success. It’s always a fun day of hard work and making friends, and was actually the first thing I did when I started to become involved on campus”.

Of course, none of the work could have been accomplished without students from all majors and clubs across Brock. They volunteered to come out on their last weekend before the start of school to welcome their new fellow students.

The residence move in day has been a tradition that has been continously improved upon for years now, Jamie Fleming, Director of Residences stated. Fleming noted that each year BUSU takes a look at what went well and what could be improved upon. This makes each year that much more successful and more refined as they continously improve their efforts to move students into residence.

Tracey Lewis, a second-year Labour Studies major, was one of the many elder Brock students who came out to volunteer and help with the move-in.

“I decided to volunteer for move-in week because I had such a great experience with the volunteers that helped me when I was a Baby Badger,” explained Lewis, who volunteered for the move-in as part of the Brock Art Collective. “I thought volunteering for O-Week would be a great way to give back to the Brock community and I want to make sure all the first year students feel welcomed right as they step foot on campus just like I did.”

In addition to the great work that was done by all of the volunteers and clubs at the move-in, organizations all across campus, from the workers in the Dining Halls to the Campus Store, worked hard to be accommodating and helpful to the new Badgers arriving at Brock. The move-in was also only the first part of a range of O-Week activities for the first-years: a Kick-Off party was held at Weatherstation Field on Sunday night,and a Tower Party later that evening at Schmon Tower. New Badgers also have great events to look forward to later in the week, including a free Wellness seminar in Jubilee Court on September 7 morning, a Paint Party September 8 evening and a very exciting Headliner concert September 9 night featuring Desiigner and Jazz Cartier.

-Quinton Ascah, Assistant News Editor 

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