Brock Intramurals kick off the fall 2017 season this week

Getting involved in sports at Brock doesn’t always mean joining a varsity team. For those who want to keep fit and active, but not deal with the highly competitive atmosphere of intercollegiate sports, Brock Sports offers a range of intramural leagues that, according to supervisor of intramural programs Megan Locker, have received a lot of positive feedback from students in years past. Intramurals are open to all Brock students with a valid student ID as well as to teachers and faculty who purchase a walker complex pass.

Getting involved, says Locker, is good for your mental health and could improve your memory.

“It is really important for students to stay active while completing their studies,” sais Locker. “Being involved in activities in the Walker Complex, whether it be participating in intramurals, fitness classes or heading to the zone, courts, pool, add extra to a students day and help them manage their time when they have multiple things on the go.  It is a great stress release and good to get up and active.  Studies have and are being done that link a higher retention rate in students that participate in intramurals and other extracurricular activities.”

The intramurals programs range from hockey and basketball, to frisbee, cricket and squash, and just about everything in between. The programs offered are almost always expanding.

“This year will be the first year in four years that we have not added a new sport to the intramural league list,” said Locker. “Over the past 4 years intramurals have added EXTREME Intramurals – a different intramural sport being played each week with a champion being named at the end – [as well as] cricket, Tchoukball, coed ice hockey…and Aqua Intramurals.”

Last year, said Locker, intramurals added a “Mystery” league, where players got the play a different sport each week. They participated in activities that were not normally included in intramurals such as scooter board hockey, pickleball, and lacrosse.

Last year, all participants were required to sign up for IMLeagues in order to play. Students will have a grace period for the first week, said Locker, but they’re hoping to get everyone signed up as soon as possible.

IMLeagues is a website used for scheduling intramurals that comes with mobile apps available for free on the App Store and Google play. Brock Intramurals use the system for scheduling, checking player eligibility, and printing out game sheets each game day.

“On Brock’s IMLeagues page there are instructions on how to create your account and join your respective team,” said Locker. All participants must be registered on their respective team in order to be eligible.  If participants have any questions, staff are in the Intramural Office (WC215) Monday-Thursday 12-4pm.

You don’t have to have a whole team already in order to participate, says Locker. Students can sign up as an individual and will be organized into a team with others.  Individuals who sign up are good for intramurals as a whole.

“Participants that sign up for a league as an individual show us that they are either passionate about the sport league they are signing up for or they are willing to try new things,” Locker pointed out. “A number of people will have maybe two or three people that want to play a specific sport and instead of trying to scrape together enough people to make a full team they will all sign up as individuals and request to be on the same team.”

Registration for Fall 2017 outdoor intramurals run from September 8 to 15, and for indoor on Sept. 15 to 20. Registration fees per team range from $100 to $225 for most sports. Hockey, for which registration takes place on Sept. 25 and 26, will run each team $1040 for men and $940 for women. Singles sports like badminton and squash will cost each player $35. Winter sports open up registration in early November.


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