Brock Dance Pak set to begin first-year as a sponsored club


The Brock Dance Pak, one of two newly sponsored clubs for Brock Sports, looks to continue its success as a first-year athletic club this season.

Brock Dance has been one of the longest running clubs at Brock. This year, things will look a bit different with the Dance Pak being their own club.

Ashley Hainer, one of the coaches for the club, said, “We were just a club under Brock University Students’ Union” but that their goals didn’t go hand-in-hand with the BUSU guidelines for clubs. “BUSU had very lenient rules for how serious you could be as a club, to compete at a university level we had to take our practices and commitment at a more serious level.”

When asked about the process in breaking off from the Brock Dance Club and becoming a sponsored club, Hainer said, it was a lengthy process.

“We started dancing at basketball games two years ago.” Hainer said. “We had a lot of meetings with BUSU, [they] knew that was the direction we needed to go, they were very helpful and supportive of us breaking off.”

The most difficult part of the process? “It was hard to break off from Brock Dance,” Hainer said. “But we needed stricter guidelines.”

“We don’t necessarily get any more funding from athletics, we have to do a lot of fundraising ourselves,” said Hainer. Though, being a club, the team is able to pick which games they want to attend and participate in, so long as they reach their required six games. “Same amount of games, competitions, but we’re a more well-rounded team,” Hainer said that though they pick the games they attend, “[we] try to be at as much as we can, at least one or two games a month.”

The dance world is a bit different in terms of bringing in new members, “We try to put our information out on social media, the dance world isn’t very big, so some team members know people from their dance studios and [if they come to Brock] tell them to come to auditions,” Hainer said.

Since the Dance Pak is breaking off from Brock Dance, the team is starting entirely new this season. Hainer noted that though they have four student executives, “They still have to audition, we have no one on the team as of yet, it’s fresh.”

This season, the Dance Pak will be changing things up from the likes of auditions they had while under Brock Dance. “We are doing a different process this year, we are going to be one team, you used to be able to audition for any style you wanted,” Hainer said. “We have one big audition, we’re mostly focussing on contemporary, lyrical, and jazz, but we will have more of a hip-hop style for the games.”


The Brock Dance Pak, who will be at the athletic table at vendor fair this week, will host auditions on Sunday, September 10 from 11:00a.m-3:00p.m.


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