Students and Brock Security will need to work together during the year ahead


Some students may think that Brock Security is your run in the mill average security group, a private function of people who work based on the contract provided to them by Brock University. However, Brock Security is much more than just a private organization. Donna Moody, the director of Brock Security, emphasized that the intention of her and the security team is to provide the best possible experience for students during their time at Brock; this also includes educating and preparing students for any situation that may arise.

The primary responsibility of Campus Security is to ensure a productive and safe experience at Brock. They are always on campus and ready to respond to the needs of students.

“The first thing to know is that Campus Security is on campus 24/7” Moody said.  “You should know that we are always here at the Kenmore Centre. After hours, inside the front door is an emergency phone, which connects to dispatch. If there’s a problem we encourage them to use any service we provide to maintain their safety and even download the Brock security app.”

It was clear that Moody thought this was the first thing any student should be aware of. Regardless of the severity of the issue, Brock Security is always happy to help any student at any time.

Sometimes students can think of a security team simply as people there to enforce rules and punish those who break them. While this can be true in part, it isn’t close to the full duty of the campus security team. Of course students should always be up to date on any rules or guidelines that apply to them.

“We’re here to ensure that their stay in the university is safe and secure. To avoid having to have any sanctions against them, they need to know and follow the guiding principles; they need to know the student code of conduct.” Moody said.

This brings forth the question: what are the most important rules to be aware of?

“Alcohol is not to be used by minors, or carried in open areas. Drugs, of course, we have zero tolerance for. At the end of the day we’re here to keep them safe. We are a community policing service, so work with us and we’ll work with you.”

Moody mentioned several times that her team was there to work with students, not against them.

The articles and videos available on their website, and the usefulness of their app were highlighted by Moody. She mentioned that one thing any incoming or returning student should do is follow the Brock Security Twitter account. She mentioned that they can tweet out during any kind of emergency to inform the school’s populace not to go to certain areas or flee the area should anything ever get out of hand.

Moody herself has been leading the campus security team since 2007. Which means that in large part she has been able to shape her team, train them with her own values and views for the Brock Security and largely shaped the positive image there is today of campus security.

“Well, campus security is a hybrid type service. We have officers which have special constable status, powers similar to police officers. We also have young personnel who interact with students. We also have five former Niagara Regional Police Officers; since I arrived in 2007 we have had this model.” Moody said. She consistently spoke very highly of her team and their ability to handle every situation thrown at them in a completely professional manner.

“A wide variety of employees with varying ages and backgrounds. We work with everyone to make them successful (students) our full time staff is insuring that proper decisions are being made. But every year brings new challenges, and I’m excited to see how we handle those challenges.”

Moody asked one thing of students, both new and old. To follow their Twitter account or like their Facebook page, and peruse the literature they have on emergency preparedness. She mentioned that having even a baseline amount of knowledge about what to do in an emergency can help out greatly when dealing with that sort of situation.

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