Making your residence feel like home


Moving away from home to your new home can be difficult. The shopping for what you need and packing can all get overly hectic. However, the moment comes quickly when a family member or guardian has dropped you off and you’ve begun introducing yourself to your roommates.

You’ll spend some of first week settling in and making your room feel more like home to avoid the homesick feeling and to become more comfortable.

To get a more comfort vibe print pictures of friends and family to help keep familiar faces around — make sure to check residence guidelines or landlords for what you can and cannot use to hang-up pictures. Frames can take up your already limited space; my suggestion would be using twine as a garland and mini paper clips or clothespins to hang your photos over your desk area or bed.

Posters can also help bring a vibrant touch to your room (again, be sure to use the correct tape given to you by residence to avoid a bill for damages at the end of the year). If you’re living off-campus check with your landlord to make sure you aren’t causing damages that will be charged against you later.

Your new twin bed is your spot for relaxation, power naps and binge watching your favourite Netflix series. It can feel uncomfortable at first, but it is recommended buying a mattress topper, either new or used will help ensure you are getting a good night’s rest.

Also to give your bed some charm, try making a DIY headboard using cardboard and fabric, staple the fabric to the cardboard and add some buttons, stickers or lights for personalization. Then hang your headboard using the two-way tape given by residence. You will be amazed how it can pull the room together and break apart the monotony of the bare walls.

Hanging up the flag of your home country (if you’re an international student), favourite sports team, and clubs can also bring a sense of comfort to your room and also serves as a point for a conversation starter between you and your new found friends and classmates.

Even though residence does not allow candles, electric tea light candles can make for a close second. Inserting one into a painted jar can add some ambience to your room without posing a fire hazard.

An over the door mirror also is a must have, mirrors function to make a room feel bigger while adding convenience for you. Especially if you have to share the bathroom mirrors (and your roommates have a similar schedule) this will save you time and hassle.

Remember your room, no matter how tiny, is your sanctuary for the year ahead. A little personalization comes a long way. When shopping for your new home, buy things that have versatility, that can bring you utility for the rest of university. Avoid clutter, as a clean and clear space is conducive to relaxation and rest.

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