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There is a lot going on in the world right now. That may be said of any time, but we as a generation are experiencing things that previous generations had thought they’d put a stop to: Nazis marching in the street, the threat of nuclear war, refugees walking across entire continents in pursuit of safety only to be turned back because they don’t look the right way, speak the right way, or worship a particular god the right way. It’s terrifying out there, and those are just the huge things happening in the faraway land of ‘somewhere else.’

Somewhere else doesn’t really exist. As a species, and residents of this fine Earth, we are all in this together. As such it is our duty to speak our minds. We conveniently live in a society that allows that. The same cannot be said in other places where freedom of speech was supposed to be a foundational element to the entire nation. Students at Brock university are free to  say what they think and feel in safety and we at the Brock Press want to hear those thoughts and feelings. Beginning in the next issue of this paper, I will be looking to hear from Brock about a range of issues, local and international, from feminism, racism, ableism, rape culture, and xenophobia. The Press is seeking guest columnists to write about these subjects that represent the many and varied aspects of the Brock community. Students, staff, professors, TAs, anyone in our little corner of the world is welcome to write about the big and small things that are affecting their daily life.

Hearing or reading a range of opinions and perspectives will help you become a more worldly and compassionate person. The key to understanding your fellow humans is hearing what they have to say and attempting to put yourself in their shoes. To see the world from another’s perspective is to see yourself from that perspective as well. In this column we’ll focus on topics that do just that.

To submit a piece to be printed in this column, email your researched and edited writing to opinion@brockpress.com with your name,  program, and year of study. The topics can be very specific, like consent or accessibility at Brock, or more general like racism in the media. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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