Brockchella 2017: The start of something great


The university norm during the first week in September is to get back into the habit of attending classes, but the week, most popularly known as frosh week, is a chance for students to welcome the new school year in with many different events. As Brock University calls it, O-Week also referred to as Brockchella. That festival-based theme will be strongly carried throughout the week based on the events the school has in store. With free dinners, dances, concerts, arcades, poker and a plethora of other events.

On September 3, students in residence will be moving in; this day is always commemorated by a tower party that night, and a full day of events the following day. O-Week runs from the Sunday before classes start, to the Sunday after (Sept. 10).

Even though there are events happening every day, by far the largest event is the big ticket concert. While the headliner for this year has yet to be announced, the event has hosted artists in the past like The Bingo Players and Alessia Cara. Cara marked a departure from the EDM that had been the standard of the headlining concert for roughly the past five years. Stay tuned, because this year the headliner could be anyone.

It’s hard to put into words just how much Brockchella can shape your Brock experience. Brockchella provides a great opportunity to meet new people in a way sitting in a three hour lecture.  It’s truly an event that highlights one of the best parts of the university experience you’re surrounding yourself not just with people who live close to this school, but with people who have similar interests and thoughts about the world. O-Week is a perfect example of that philosophy. As the events you attend are entirely up to you, so as you pick and choose the events that suit your interests, you’re bound to find like-minded people.

It is clear that BUSU is attempting to cater to students more this year through the timing of events. Simply looking at the timing of the big-ticket party, this has typically fallen on the first Friday of the year. Now it has been moved to Saturday so that no students have to worry about scheduling conflicts as far as classes are concerned. While most of the events are exactly what a returning student will be used to this kind of change points to small improvements over time being made to O-Week festivities.

If you’re not interested in parties, but would like to explore additional opportunities for you to grow and meet new people on campus, attend the vendor fair. Many different clubs and opportunities, both on and off-campus, will be there to learn about.

There aren’t many reasons not to attend Brockchella this upcoming September. It has the possibility to positively impact the rest of your Brock experience, to inform you about the importance of BUSU and what they do, help you find your way around campus, and be a great source of fun before your first week in school. Whether you like poker, or singing, stand-up comedy, going to concerts, relaxation, exploring new places, learning, or even just want to meet some new people before your first, second, or even third year, Brockchella has something for you.

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