Brock Dining Services announces new payment options at campus Tim Hortons


Dining Services at Brock University has adapted to one issue students have with the two on-campus Tim Hortons locations. Both Tims, located on the Glenrdige campus are now accepting debit, credit, and Apple Pay.  This is generally universal good news, as coming to and from classes students and staff may not often carry cash on them. However taking a deeper look at this change, what does this say about the rest of the restaurants on campus? Tim Hortons’ has a mass popularity among Brock’s community, so it makes sense that Dining Services would make a decision that would allow for further outreach to students across Brock. However, can the same be said about the on campus cafeterias?

While Market and the Hungry Badger do accept debit and credit, as well as Apple Pay, Decew, and Lowenberger residence dining halls do not. This may not be as big of an issue to upper year students who will not often find themselves eating in those venues; however, this does severely restrict students to the meal plan they purchased. It becomes even more troublesome where guests are concerned in these cafeterias, perhaps family, or a friend visiting could find it difficult to purchase food in these cafeterias, essentially putting the burden on any student with a meal plan to cover for others, or for their acquaintances to bring cash.

This leads one to hope that while this is most likely a sign of Tim Hortons’ updating their own restaurant, it would be very convenient for Brock students and their acquaintances if this trend were to continue across campus so that debit and credit were all one needed to carry when perusing Brock for a meal. While Brock Dining Services has not made any comment whether or not this is a trend students can look forward to seeing more of, it is clearly only to the benefit of the student body that these changes and further modernization of our culinary options continue to progress and expand.

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