10 Pieces that will transform your wardrobe


As summer comes to an end, a change in season usually requires a change in wardrobe. So as we swap out flip flops and tans for sneakers and book bags, here are some tips to make that transition more seamless. The following is a guide made from today’s current trends in the fashion market. It is fully acknowledged and noted that fashion is expressive and takes on many forms! So take full advantage and step out in the best version of yourself this semester.

First up, statement pieces. A bold neon, florescent, floral, or print piece can help break up the monotones of an outfit. A bright purse, clutch, backpack or even your pencil case will draw attention to the right places and even manage to even spark some compliments and /or conversation from classmates. Many people tend to shy away from bold pieces because of their eye catching tendencies, but fear not this is the place to express yourself unapologetically.

Boyfriend jeans are now replacing sweatpants.This is where comfort and style meet,a  rare combination. Distressed or ripped boyfriend jeans are a good option when stepping out in summer, however, when the cold front starts creeping in, pair them over a printed, sequin or lace leggings for an added layer of warmth and flare of style! Either way they are always a good idea.

Continuing with the trend of comfort and style, an oversized (textured) sweater offers a step up from a department hoodie. When paired with a scoop collar or shirt inside, it lends to a preppy look and ensuring some warmth from layering. This combination is ideal for your lazy days or when you are running late in the morning.

It would be remiss not to include the essential back to school essential, the classic denim jacket. While it can be considered a basic staple, iron on patches are a cheap way to add customization and up cycle this piece! Styling this peice along with a baseball cap and loafers or your favourite pair of runners. This is a style that remains trendy throughout every season.

A classic white tee can do no wrong. This unisex staple paired with a bold accessory such as a choker, necklace or scarf is the most versatile piece you can keep in your closet. It is easy to keep casual or elevate this piece depending on the occasion. Long days filled with classes, meetings and still trying to hit the gym? . This piece makes the transition easy.

Brown boots are the best friend of the minimalist dresser, be it ankle cut, high cut or even combat style. They tend to pull a look together. When boots and scarves or jackets compliment each other (olives, reds, burnt oranges) these all fall colors on every rack.

In recognition and celebration of Canada 150 let’s include plaid shirt on the line up. Found on every 90s baby. However, wearing it in 2017 comes with some modifications. Try styling as a belt for a midi- dress. Tucked with a faux leather skirt for edgy- chic. Feeling daring? Mixing prints! plaid with a pair of polka dot slacks is ideal for a business casual look at the office or on the go.

Paper bag (waist) pants have made a huge comeback this season. Whether it is a short or logn pair, these serve  as figure flattering piece as it defines and accentuates the waistline, shaping the rest of the body in a slender silhouette. When it comes to this trend, it is important to keep the blouse just as bold as the bottoms. A loose turtle neck crop, oversized shirt or off the shoulder body suit would be three viable options for these trousers.

Confidence, is one iten you cannot leave the house without. Once you love the way you look. Who can make you feel otherwise? This is one thing that never goes out of style.

Last on the list is, a good night’s sleep. while it might be a tall order during a demanding semester, you owe it to your body mind and soul and they will thank you for it. A good night’s rest ensures a properly functioning body for the day ahead. Glowing skin, rested eyes and a refreshed mind is everything you need to complete the look.

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