Wildcat by Danko Jones: a boring album from a unique band

Danko Jones is one of the most recognizable sounding Canadian radio-rock bands, but they seem as generic as the rest of them with their newest album. Listening to any local rock-radio station you will surely hear one or two of Danko Jones’ new singles from Wild Cat, but their airtime should be attributed to their existing popularity and not any kind of ingenuity or successful experimentation. That is not to say that the album is unpleasant, it is as pleasant as most hard rock one hears on a day-to-day basis from Nickelback to Volbeat to Monster Truck to Three Days Grace.

Danko Jones has two gears, high and off, which leads to flattened dynamics across the board contributing to the lack of interest I have in this album. This is worsened by the use of the exact same guitar tone, same drums and technique on the kit, same simplistic bass lines, and the same vocals and lyrical content for pretty much the entire album.

On the topic of lyrical content, Jones doesn’t stray far from from the usual content of rock ‘n roll and it stays far away from politics, a stipulation which will relieve some listeners and bore others. While the lyrics may not be exciting, Jones does write songs like “Success In Bed” which may sound like a typical hard rock song about sex, it touches more on mutuality in sex, which is something we can all get behind (ignoring all of the heteronormativity). He also writes “Revolution (But Then We Make Love)”, commenting on “that person (and we all know this type) who feigns being politically active to get laid” (cited from teamrock.com). Some of the instrumentals on the album do offer interesting riffs and trading sections and most are catchy.

Danko Jones’ Wild Cat is pretty standard hard rock written about pretty standard themes. The lyrics and music are simplistic constructions that are neither particularly interesting, nor unenjoyable. The album is a collection of songs, that sound a lot like other songs on the album, that sound a lot like other songs on the radio. He says “rock” a lot and that’s something.

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