Wearable technology is ready to change the clothing game

Wearable technology has been around for quite a few years now, but it wasn’t until recently that it started to branch out from a smart wristband.

That being said, more and more companies are starting to branch off from the traditional and create tech that is ingrained into, and work with, the fabrics of clothing. Here’s a look at six new tech-compatible pieces.

Polo Tech Shirt

The Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt, powered by OMsignal, allows you to work out and have all the data you need live-streamed to your iPhone (sorry Android users) or Apple Watch. Silver fabrics woven into the shirts fabric allow biometric data to be collected and retained in the Black Box, where it is then transmitted to the your app via. The Black Box, fitted to the shirt by the ribcage, is the powerhouse of the shirt and aids in data collection. The Polo Tech Shirt will allow its user to access information on breathing and heart rate, calories burnt, the intensity of movements and, through the app, can suggest different workouts and routines to target different areas.


From OMsignal comes the OMbra: a smart sports bra that allows you to track information that a smartwatch can’t get 100 per cent accurate. Using the OMbox located on the band of the bra, biometric activity is sent to the downloadable app and the user is able to check all their activity in one convenient place. Features included are heart rate monitoring, breathing rate, Running Recap (time, pace, calories, impact) and even the ability to check if you’re stable and have recovered enough to continue your workout. The app is then able to use the information to suggest different kinds of workouts and track your progress to make changes, with the help of audio feedback.

Neviano UV Protect Bathing Suit

French fashion company Spinali Design hopes to make going to the beach even better with their UV protecting bathing suit. Using a small waterproof sensor that attaches to the waist of the suit and linking up to the iOS or Android app, the person wearing the suit is able to collect data (along with the information that you input about yourself with the help of the app) to let you know when you’ve been in the sun too long. After knowing your skin type, the sensor will continuously gather information on the temperature and send out warnings when it’s time to apply more sunscreen or get into the shade.

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket

Google’s Project Jacquard is teaming up with Levi Denim to create a smart jacket that will allow the wearer to have access to multiple smartphone features just with a swipe of some fabric. Project Jacquard allows any textile to be turned into an interactive surface just through the process of weaving metallic alloys with natural or synthetic fibers. The jacket, specifically designed for urban bike commuters, gives access to maps, music, phone calls and a plethora of other interactive phone features with a series of taps or swipes. These features give the user better access to their phone without having to worry about losing their focus on the road.

Lumo Run

The Lumo Run sensor is the new fitness pal that tracks data and sends it to your smartphone. By clipping the small device onto the back of shorts or leggings, in line with your spine, you will have access to real time feedback regarding your running form, complete with a full analysis. The sensor and accompanying app is able to then recommend a customized coachable routine to you that works best with your body, and files through cadence, ground contact time, pelvic rotation and stride length to properly track your run. The Lumo Running collection is comprised of men’s shorts, women’s capri pants and the sensor itself. Using Lumo’s shorts allows for a more seamless integration of the sensor and features a front sensory button that allows for more on-demand feedback.

Lief Patch

From Lief Therapeutics, the Lief patch will help train your body to fight stress. The small, biosensing patch measures your heart rate and breathing, allowing the user to identify when the body is experiencing stress and, in turn, guides you through natural responses using gentle, biofeedback exercises through the accompanying app. By monitoring your responses throughout the day, Lief helps improve self-regulation and gives you the ability to combat and face your anxieties by paying attention to your body and thinking about how to handle the situation. Self-care management is important and Lief allows you to set up multiple different programs to help deal with stressors in order to improve your natural ability to fight them off.


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