Trump-inspired hate washes over Canada

Living in a society that is so willing to rip people, religions and races apart is exhausting.

There shouldn’t be a need to hide in a place you call home and people should be able to walk around freely without their lives being threatened. However, with the skyrocketing amounts of threats posed at Islamic and Jewish communities is way out of line and far past unacceptable.

According to the Toronto Star, American federal officials have been investigating over 120 threats against Jewish organizations in three dozen states since the beginning of January. Those mentioned threats don’t even consider the ones that have been reported across Canada.

From British Columbia, whose Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver just recently experienced their second bomb threat in less than a week on March 12, to Toronto’s Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre and the Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School it hosts being evacuated after receiving threatening messages on March 7.

It’s not just anti-Semitic activity that is popping up everywhere, as reports of Islamophobic behaviour are also becoming a constant.

During their reading week in the first week of March, both Concordia and McGill University received threats from a white supremacist organization known as the “Council of Concerned Citizens of Canada,” or C4. While the initial messages were presented toward Concordia and expressed that “amature explosives” were placed around campus with the intent of harming Muslim students, the group stated that they would be “spread[ing] their fight to McGill,” as well (as stated in a article).

In their email sent to different local media outlets throughout Montreal, C4 apparently cited the election of U.S. President Donald Trump as inspiration for the group’s violent agenda.

Schools and city centres are supposed to be places where people can gather, feel safe, and express themselves and their beliefs, while being able to share their views with like minded people and learn from others. They are not places that support hate and the division of communities.

The fear that these threats instill in others and the overall lack of compassion to other humans that is being expressed is disgusting.

Of course, these reports have influenced people to speak out against the hate that is plaguing our society — including a passionate speech denouncing Islamophobia by Srosh Hassan, a sociology and political science student at University of Alberta — and Prime Minister Trudeau announcing, on March 8 at an International Women’s Day event, that we really do have a problem with Islamophobia and it needs to be stopped.

While it’s great that the PM is standing up and saying something to suppress the violence and show his support, saying we have a problem isn’t going to really help put a stop on these terrorist threats happening all across the country and the continent.

It’s up to people to change and stop thinking the way they do. Being a different race or religion doesn’t make someone a threat, and these kinds of racist, extremist organizations that think they are “making the world a better place” need to get it together.

I’m tired of death and violence being a constant in the news. It’s 2017 and it’s time to start respecting each other. There’s only so much the Government can do, so it’s up to the people to start really making a change.

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