The Jesus and Mary Chain are back with Damage and Joy


Some bands are just plain hard to fit into boxes and while this can devide fans, it usually seems to be a sign of true experimentation. In this grey area is where The Jesus and Mary Chain exist. They have carved a space in between post-punk and the brand of 90’s alternative rock that The Dandy Warhols make.

Their sound is noisy, not unlike grunge but too tight, clean and composed to really fit that label. That’s not to say however that the band isn’t edgy. The first track off Damage and Joy, “Amputation”, is a heavily distorted but consistent anthem for the sex and drugs part of rock ‘n roll which The Jesus and Mary Chain are proving is still alive and well—albeit that most rock stars can’t afford drugs these days.

Upon first listen the album might not seem all that different or unique but Damage and Joy is not a one-listen-and-dismiss album.

With repetition the gold lying just underneath the floorboards reveals itself and one can easily get lost in the trippy and mellow but vicious vocal lines and slowed down grunge guitar.

Damage and Joy is a perfect title for this twistedly happy album and it encapsulates the theme of much of it’s lyrical content. Damage and Joy deals with the light and dark side of just about everything, love, sex, drugs and even music.

Another brilliant track from Damage and Joy is “Mood River” which starts with drum and guitar shots that feel like swimming against a current and perfectly tease the dynamic verses and choruses to follow.

This album will excite listeners of The Jesus and Mary Chain once again and leave mouths watering in anticipation of touring and more music in the future.

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