Terra Lightfoot and Donovan Woods are coming to St. Catharines

On March 24, two Canadian singer-songwriter icons Terra Lightfoot and Donovan Woods will take the Partridge Hall stage in the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre to play their beautiful songs in an intimate environment.

Lightfoot is a rock ‘n roller in the truest sense of the word. She has a powerful voice, matched only by her distorted guitar where she mixes generic conventions and styles to create a distinct sound that can only really be described as rock ‘n roll.

Woods’ music is comprised mostly of his voice, occasional piano, strings and some acoustic guitar which all work to define a space for songwriting in it’s truest form. He expresses feelings and emotions that so perfectly translate to song that listeners are taken on journeys through Woods’ life.

“I think there are elements of my work that are completely Canadian, yes. I don’t really know what they are, but I think people can tell where I’m from when they hear the songs. People tell me they can tell, and I’m flattered by that,” said Woods, who hails from Sarnia, Ontario.

Woods noted that he “feel[s] indebted to the singer/songwriters Canada has produced. Joni Mitchell, KD Lang, Feist. These are world class writers and performers, and I think they’ve established a reputation for Canadian musicians. Paved the way, so to speak. We’re supposed to be good at it. So I feel pressure to be good, and that’s good.”

Wood writes songs full of emotion.

“I’m trying to make small, personal moments poetic — trying to make very ordinary things feel extraordinary. I like to think I’m trying to catalogue very specific human experiences, and make them feel universal. Also, I’m usually trying to stop obsessing over something that happened and I find that if I can say it succinctly in a song, it stops bothering me” he said.

In terms of her music, Lightfoot said “I’m not a very political songwriter, but I definitely have goals with my writing. I want to create songs that I can be proud of years after I’ve recorded them. That’s always the goal. I also just love trying to better myself and challenge myself as a songwriter. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of writing as long as I have life experience to write from.”

The show itself promises to be a spectacular evening of beautiful songwriting. Woods will have a full band behind him. To the students who are thinking of coming out Woods said “that you should bring your little prime-of-life selves out to this show and really feel something for once, you know? I promise you’ll cry (if you want to cry).”

“Terra and I know each other well and we’ve been looking forward to this show for a long time. We both talk and joke a lot on stage, and I think we’re similar in our world-view in many ways. Primarily, we both love to be entertaining,” he explained.

“It’s going to be so fun because I love St. Catharines and I always have a good time in that town. Donovan is going to be really funny and stir up all of your university/college-aged emotions. I’ve also been reading some peer-reviewed journals that suggest people catch this show to quell school-related stress. YES,” said Lightfoot.

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