Talking touring with Beyond the Wall

The most recent touring band to stop by the Green Room, turn a living room into a stage, and a home into a house venue, is pop-punkers, Beyond the Wall, supported by locals Making Fun of Darby, and Fergus’ What Freedom?! on March 2.

Beyond the Wall is a band from Ajax that has been around since 2014, slowly growing in popularity across Ontario and elsewhere with their particular flavour of traditional pop-punk.

“John and I were in this really [bad] metal band, that was just the two of us, and then Corey asked me to do a cover in front of the cafeteria, which ended up never happening, I told John and John was like “yo, I’m forcing myself into that band,” and that was pretty much it,” said Edward Lee, the band’s drummer.

While turning a living room into a punk venue like The Green Room might seem peculiar to some readers, it is a popular set-up and they exist not only all over Canada and the U.S., but throughout the world. Beyond the Wall has played many of them and the singer and other guitarist Corey Mole even says that “one of our best shows to date was at Claude’s House in Moncton, New Brunswick.”

“Doing a house show is just so unreal because you’re on the floor with everyone and everyone’s hot and sweaty and it smells — it just got a one-of-a-kind smell, it’s beautiful” he explains. “If someone’s got a basement and/or a backyard, we’re ready” adds Ward.

Beyond the Wall is a big player in the contemporary music scene in Ajax on top of touring Eastern Canada.

“Me and Ed are actually trying to revive it, in a way. We started doing shows at this place called Pizza Pino’s, that’s actually where Sum 41 started playing, so that’s pretty cool, but we’ve been messaging punk bands and asking them to come play, people come out. It was packed to the brim last time we had a show there,” said Mole.

The shows they do there are pay-what-you-can, and they have had success paying out bands fairly while being inclusive to everyone, whether they can afford to chip in for the bands or not. Beyond the Wall has big things coming up including shows in BC, a European tour, and a film which accompanies an upcoming EP in four separate but connected music videos which will slowly be unveiled between now and May.

All of Beyond the Wall’s music can be found at and more information and updates on their film release can be found on their website

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