Support Was in the Air: The Morning Dwellers and More at the L3

St. Catharines has an abundance of incredible bands in all styles of music, and seeing a great lineup for a cheap price is not an impossible notion for a Brock student. This was the case for Thursday night’ show at the L3 club featuring four incredible acts: The Steves, Gung-ho Catalyst, Wooly Mantis and, headlining the show, the Morning Dwellers.

This show was full of great energy and anticipation, considering the Morning Dwellers recently released their new album In Search of Orion this month.

“It took approximately a year to record, and of course we’ve been working for quite a bit of time before that,” said Alix Boyd, lead singer of Morning Dwellers. Boyd joined the band last Summer, after they had completed writing most of the album.

Recording at Birdcage Studios in Niagara Falls, the band put together a concept album that will impress the heck out of you.

“Our whole sound kind of pertains to the aspects of space and getting away from reality but also being bound to it. Having that feeling of not being good enough and indifference, as well as striving to be better but having that fall back. In our album we explore space through the eyes of who we call Jesse and Emma. They explore space and we see it through their eyes while they explore the constellations,” explained Boyd.

This hard work and drive to make great art was demonstrated in their show. The band was obviously a crowd favourite, and Alix’s controlled vocals and charismatic stage presence channeled their energy into the band’s progressive pop songs.

The Morning Dwellers also brought some impressive company to their show.

The Steves started the party with their pop punk influenced indie songs. They sounded  energetic and relaxed at the same time and the occasional odd rhythm really brought an interesting touch to their music.

Next was Gung-ho Catalyst. This band brought mathy progressive metal together with smooth jazz funk and it was beautiful. Odd polyrhythms dominated every song with China cymbals crashing and clean, mellow guitars plucking. This band showcased some incredible musicianship and each band member had tons of energy.

Before The Morning Dwellers came on was a band called Wooly Mantis. This psychedelic band did some interesting things in terms of performance. Each band member took a turn at singing and the guitars and basses switches many times throughout their set. What was also great about this band was their dynamics.

For the most part, it was quite mellow except for the occasional funky bass fill, but at a moment’s notice they could get heavy and distorted. This made their set very interesting and focused the audience’s attention for The Morning Dwellers quite well.

Overall, the vibe of this gig was one of unwinding on a Thursday night and supporting local musicians. You could tell that the crowd was full of friends, neighbours and family here to be present as the Morning Dwellers promote their new album. Support was in the air.

-Luke Webster, Assistant News Editor 

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