Sunrise records to take over 70 former HMV locations in Canada

Earlier this year, it was announced that music giant HMV would be closing its doors in Canada. The company went into receivership, put its merchandise on clearance and then made the difficult decision to close all of its Canadian stores.

In a new development, Sunrise records, an Ancaster, Ontario based regional record chain, has opted to exponentially expand their operations by taking over much of HMV Canada. The company is purchasing at least 70 of the former HMV locations, extending its formerly small operation of nine local record shops across the country.

Sunrise told CBC that their operation would focus mostly on vinyl records which have become much more popular amongst young people as ‘vintage’ technology, such as record players and classic video game consoles, have surged in popularity. Sunrise is expected to carry about 2000 titles in their shops. The record shop also announced that they would be expanding their CD selection by about 50 per cent.

HMV, while offering a small selection of vinyl records, kept their selection small and focused instead of sales of discount CDs and DVDs, as well as merchandise for various TV shows, movies and musicians. Despite their wide market coverage, HMV couldn’t make it work.

Late last week Sunrise announced the first 29 locations, including an additional nine in Ontario, doubling the number of locations in the province. The Pen Centre HMV location in St. Catharines will become a Sunrise Records and more locations will be announced on March 20.


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