Not All That Dark: LOGAN

As we’ve learned by observing comic book movies time and time again, darker does not mean better (example: Suicide Squad). A dark movie should deal with moral ambiguities and questions surrounding death and power. Logan substitutes this with extensive swearing, brutal violence, and aesthetically dark cinematography. Other than that, it’s just another X-Men movie.

This film takes place in 2029, when an aging Wolverine tries to make ends meet and take care of his mentor, Charles  Xavier. He crosses paths with a little girl named Laura, and discovers that she could hold the key to the continuation of the ever-dwindling mutant population. The film follows these three characters facing a giant corporation set to control and eventually rid the population of mutants.

A big theme in this film is aging and the impermanence of life. Xavier has grown old, and he needs to be sedated continuously to prevent him from accidentally harming anyone with his once powerful and precise abilities. Even the supposedly immortal Logan watches his body fail him with every confrontation he gets himself into, which is relevant to the franchise considering this will be Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine.

For a comic book movie, the camera work is gritty and interesting, especially shots emphasizing Wolverine’s decaying body, but as I said before, this movie doesn’t have a very good grasp of what a dark movie ought to be.

The plot was like any other comic book movie, they just made the stabbing a lot more graphic. In addition to that, there was a lot of teeth-clenching violence directed at children or by children, as well as a ludicrous amount of f-bombs.

Overall, I think Fox missed the mark for making an edgy movie, instead they made another not particularly interesting X-Men movie. An aging set of characters would have made for some great existential content but sadly the film relied too heavily on the conventions of the franchise.

-Luke Webster, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor 

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